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AI Education Expert for K-12
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Copywriting, Editing, Journalism, Machine Learning, publishing, Subject matter expertise, Teaching, Technical Writing, Verbal communication, Written Communication

Working Nomads Jobs Companies Post Jobs Go Premium Get Free Job Alerts Log in About the job Freelance / Contract Anywhere 73 Applicants Posted 1 day ago teaching publishing technical writing machine learning editing Apply for this position Bookmark Report 30,000+ remote jobs Get access to our Premium database. Join Premium AI Tutor, K-12 Education Expert (project based) Labelbox Shape the future of AI in Education! This innovative role as an AI Tutor - K-12 Education Expert offers a unique opportunity to leverage your legal expertise and develop your AI skills. You will play a pivotal role in training AI models, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of educational content generated by AI. This position allows for flexible scheduling, and your contributions will directly impact the advancement of AI in education. Your Day to Day Train AI models through the formulation and response to field-specific questions Assess and prioritize AI-generated responses based on quality and relevance Utilize expertise in your domain to verify the accuracy and appropriateness of AI-generated text You create your own working hours depending on project length About You Proven Education Teacher Experience for grades K-12 Experience writing professionally (copywriter, journalist, technical writer, editor, etc.) Postsecondary experience is nice to have. Subject Expertise: In-depth knowledge and expertise in the specific field of study are essential. Teachers should have a strong foundation in their subject area and stay updated with the latest research and developments. Minimum requirement is teaching certifications and Bachelor's degree in education. Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency in writing and spot errors or inconsistencies Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English Interest in AI and machine learning concepts Important Information This is a freelance position compensated on an hourly basis. Please note that this is not an internship opportunity. Candidates must be authorized to work in their country of residence, and we do not offer sponsorship for this 1099 contract role. International students on a valid visa may be eligible to apply; however, specific circumstances should be discussed with a tax or immigration advisor. We are unable to provide employment documentation at this time. Compensation rates may vary for non-US locations. Working Nomads Post Jobs Premium Subscription Sponsorship Free Job Alerts Job Skills API FAQ Privacy policy Terms and conditions Contact us