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Algorithm Testing Project
Budget: $TBD


Pharmacies play a critical role in the healthcare system, ensuring that patients receive the correct medications in a timely manner. However, the current prescription management systems in many pharmacies are inefficient, leading to significant problems that affect patient safety and healthcare costs. Current Challenges: Inefficient Prescription Management: Existing systems are prone to errors, resulting in incorrect medications being dispensed. Manual processes and lack of real-time data verification contribute to these inefficiencies. Consequences: Increased incidence of adverse drug events, which compromise patient safety. Higher operational costs due to the need to rectify errors and manage resulting complications. Overall reduction in patient safety and trust in the pharmacy system. Root Causes: Reliance on manual prescription processes. Absence of real-time data verification mechanisms. Proposed Solution: Implement AI-driven prescription management systems to streamline prescription handling. Utilize real-time verification processes to reduce errors and enhance patient safety. Adoption of such systems aims to reduce adverse drug events, lower costs, and improve overall patient safety and satisfaction.