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Eye-Catching Visual Designer for Digital Products
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Adobe Products, Communication Skills, Figma, Graphic Design, Html, Javascript, Motion Design, Sketch, Visual Design, Web Design Animation

Job descriptionWe are looking for a talented visual designer to enhance our online presence with eye-catching and professional graphic designs. As a visual designer, you will consult with the marketing and product design team to determine design requirements, submit draft concepts for approval, and develop similar design prototypes for our other branded products.To be successful in this position, you should exhibit experience in visual design and the ability to contribute creative expertise to brainstorming sessions and apply your creativity to varied design requirements.Responsibilities:Consulting with project team(s) and determining visual design preferences and expectations.Designing original graphics with unique colors, shapes, and typography fonts.Enhancing digital images, including the application of contrasts and gradients.Submitting visual design concepts for brainstorming and approval in a timely manner.Meeting with the project team for feedback and editing designs, when required.Collaborating with IT developers in aligning visual designs with website functionalities.Developing prototypes to uniformly integrate logos and brand images to other products and platforms, including social media.Keeping track of advancements in visual design technologies and applications, as well as industry trends.Requirements:2-3 years of experience as a visual designer.A complete portfolio of visual design examples.Advanced proficiency in visual design software, such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe products.Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript would be advantageous.Experience with motion design and advanced web design animation skills is a plus.Exceptional creative abilities as reflected in original visual designs.Extensive experience in determining visual design preferences and meeting deadlines.Exceptional ability to collaborate on visual design projects and integrate feedback.Proficiency in keeping up with visual design technologies and industry trends.Excellent communication skills.