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Fall 2024 QA Analyst Intern
Budget: $TBD


As a Quality Assurance Analyst at, you will be responsible for ensuring that our applications meet design specifications and requirements. You will be instrumental in validating our products for quality and performance. With your expertise in software quality assurance, you will help us build amazing experiences and value into our products. You will work closely with engineering teams to develop and implement test scenarios and strategies in aid of our engineering releases. You will also provide manual testing and QA guidance for multiple product verticals and projects. To excel in this role, you must possess excellent communication and analytical skills. You must be a team player and work well with different roles and teams. Attention to detail is essential, and you should be able to write test cases, read, understand and utilize test plans, follow directions and ask good questions. You will participate in daily scrums, weekly sprint refining sessions, and all sprint rituals for each of your Mission Aligned Teams, contributing to functional and regression testing for your assigned areas. You should have a minimum of one year of experience in software quality assurance and be highly motivated with a willingness to learn. The company offers competitive compensation and perks, including a top-of-market pay package, a one-time home office set up allowance, a weekly UberEats allowance, a Learning and Development allowance, and a Fitness/Wellness allowance. You will have the opportunity to work with the best talent in the world, including Engineers and Leadership from Google, Facebook, Wish, YouTube, Uber, and more. Additionally, you will get to work on a product used by millions around the world, and have ownership and impact on your work.