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M365 Copilot Developer in India
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Ai Models, Azure, C#, Javascript, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, Power platform, Security Practices, Typescript, Ui/ux Design

Topcoder is seeking an M365 Copilot Developer for a 13-week remote gig in India. The ideal candidate should have experience in customizing AI models, developing plug-ins, and M365 Apps. The Job responsibilities include customizing Copilot, creating custom Copilots, integrating and managing Microsoft conversational AI technology stacks, expanding Copilot, building GenAI scenarios, and collaboration with partners. Technical skills required are proficiency in Microsoft 365 APIs, programming languages such as C#, JavaScript or TypeScript, Microsoft Graph, PowerApps, and Power Automate. Also, knowledge of Azure services, UI/UX design, and security practices is necessary. The candidate should be willing to work 40 hours per week during IST working hours and should be capable of earning between $600 - 700 (USD) / week. Topcoder doesn't provide visa sponsorship nor work with staffing agencies, and Wipro and Topcoder employees are ineligible for gig work opportunities.