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SUI Blockchain Smart Contract Developer
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Attention To Detail, Blockchain Applications, Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills, Decentralization, Learning New Technologies, Problem solving skills, Security Best Practices, Smart Contract Programming, Sui's Language

Job descriptionSUI Blockchain Smart Contract DeveloperWhat you'll be working onDeveloping smart contracts for a SaaS application on the SUI blockchainIntegrating existing web2 application functionality with web3 capabilities using smart contractsTesting smart contracts functionality and securityResponsibilitiesWriting code for smart contracts in SUI's native smart contract languageAuditing smart contracts for security vulnerabilitiesDeploying and updating smart contracts on the SUI testnet and mainnetCollaborating with a team of developers to integrate smart contracts into the SaaS applicationRequirementsExpert knowledge of smart contract programming with SUI's languageExperience designing, developing and testing blockchain applicationsUnderstanding of blockchain concepts such as decentralization and security best practicesStrong problem solving skills and attention to detailAbility to learn new technologies quicklyEffective communication and collaboration skills