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What you want to learn about expert?
What you want to learn about enterprise ?
Introducing aidoos teams

Create your own team and show your expertise level to the enterprise world to win more work. aidoos allows maximum 10 members per team. to learn more Click here

Introducing aidoos Subject Matter Expert

Signup as an individual expert, Proove yourself as you are an expert in selected technology and work for top tech companies in the world. To learn more about individual SMEclick here

Expert paymemnts

Upon Enteprises publishing task, the cost of task is deducted from wallet and is kept with platform. When SME delivers the task and terprises accept it, that amount is paid out to SME.To learn more about PaymentsClick here

aidoos work

aidoos platfrom intelligently shows work for you in your expertise technology.We have an automated work distribution system based on various input variables. To learn more about aidoos task system Click here

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aidoos for enterprises

Enterprises publish the IT tasks and pay per task. aidoos gets the tasks done by the subject matter experts located across the globe, providing quick turnaround and quality delivery!

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Why aidoos?

Leverage aidoos platform to take care of your IT needs in the pay per task model.

Stop hiring

With aidoos platform, you overcome the need of hiring talent, vendors or freelancers. No ramp up, no ramp down.

Start posting work

Simply publish your IT projects on the platform and leave the rest to aidoos which smartly splits into tasks and distributes among SME’s.

Zero overheads

Enterprises pay only for the work delivered. No additional layers, No onboarding time, No bench time.

Scale up and scale down

Scaling up and scaling down is automated by the number of projects, tasks posted by the enterprises without any additional cost.

Rapid Project Development

Work is distributed among the numerous SME's across the globe thus delivering the large scale projects in short span of time.

Assured Quality Delivery

Our tried and tested SME's come with deep working knowledge on enterprise software, who provide quick turnaround and quality delivery.

Seamless Execution

Signing up on aidoos platform is simple and easy. All you need to do is Provide the details of your enterprise name and contact details.

Publish the tasks onto the platform and rest is taken care by the platform. You can regularly check the progress and take decisions

Integrate with existing project management tools such as TFS, JIRA and push selective tasks onto the platform.

Enterpise signup process

Huge Savings

You keep the core team with you, this core team roughly comprises less than 20% of the overall size is your IP. Push the remaining work onto the platform.

By doing so, you can get as much work as you need at any given point of time. As you pay for the delivered work only without any overheads, you can save up to 50% of IT budgets.

By pushing the work onto the platform, you will grow the size of the the resource pool that knows systems by huge scale which removes dependency and single points of failure.

Enterpise signup process

Our Happy Enterprises

Start engagement with aidoos to simplify your IT management and expedite your digital transformation

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