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Storage and Backups-Netapp
How to troubleshoot MetroCluster check aggregate errors

Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • metrocluster check
  • Aggregate errors


MetroCluster check reports errors on the aggregates object:

ClusterA::> metrocluster check show

Last Checked On: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Component           Result
------------------- ---------
nodes               ok
lifs                ok
config-replication  ok
aggregates          warning
clusters            ok
5 entries were displayed.

Cannot login to ATTO bridge from GUI but CLI works

Applies to

  • ATTO 7500N FibreBridge
  • Firmware 2.90


  • The ATTO bridge is not accepting logins from the GUI.
  • Otherwise, the bridge is functioning normally and logins via the serial console or telnet work with no issues.
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How to configure Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) in a MetroCluster IP

Applies to

  • MetroCluster IP
  • CDP
  • ONTAP 9.6 and earlier


This article describes how to enable CDP in a MetroCluster IP environment.

  • CDP should be enabled on all the nodes part of the MetroCluster IP prior to ONTAP 9.7
  • It is enabled by default in ONTAP for cluster ports, but must be enabled explicitly for the other ports.
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MetroCluster MDV volume must be hosted on a mirrored aggregate

Applies to

  • MetroCluster
  • MDV (Meta Data Volume)
  • CRS (Config Replication Service)


  • MetroCluster MDV volume is not hosted on a mirrored aggregate.
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How to match LUNs NAA number to its serial number

Applies to

  • SAN
  • FlexPod


A LUN Network Address Authority (NAA) number is a globally unique identifier for a LUN. The NAA number can be used to determine a LUN's serial number and vice versa.


Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode or clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 or later include a LUN command to obtain the LUN serial number in the hexadecimal format:

lun serial -x /vol/test/lun

Serial (hex)#: 0x486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b

Take the example of a LUN with the following NAA number:


Remove the NAA string and the first 8 characters. In this example, naa.60a98000 (this is one of the NetApp vendor identifiers).

The remaining value (486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b) is the hexadecimal string which, when converted from HEX to ASCII, will be the LUN serial number. There are many Web-based tools to convert HEX to ASCII and vice versa if you are using a version of Data ONTAP that does not have the lun serial -x command available.

486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b in HEX converts to an ASCII value of HnT-OZ/GiMhK

You can either use the output of the command lun show –v , or review the 'LUN CONFIGURATION' section of a storage system’s autosupport output to determine which is the LUN, based on the LUN serial number in the ASCII format.

The following is an example of the output of the lun show –v command:

Filer1> lun show -v /vol/test/lun
/vol/test/lun  5g (5368709120)(r/w, online, mapped)
Serial#: HnT-OZ/GiMhK
Share: none
Space Reservation: disabled
Multiprotocol Type: vmware
Maps: test=0

Note the LUN serial number above (HnT-0Z/GiMhK). The LUN with naa.60a98000486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b is /vol/test/lun.

Note: For more information on identifying disks in a VMware ESX environment, see VMware article 1014953.

NetApp NAA prefixes are as follows:

Clustered Data ONTAP and Data ONTAP 7-Mode naa.60a98000
Clustered Data ONTAP naa.600a0980
E-Series naa.60080e50

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LUN created using SDU is reported as misaligned when used with Oracle databases

Applies to

  • SnapDrive for windows
  • Snap Manager for Oracle (SMO)


From the NetApp storage system console, the lun show –v command reports the LUN to be misaligned:

netappstorage> lun show -v



.lun 400.0g (429523992576) (r/w, online, mapped)

Serial#: HndnCZmKv33k

Share: none

Space Reservation: disabled

Multiprotocol Type: linux

Maps: precg1asdl01=0

Occupied Size: 6.5g (6926499840)

Creation Time: Mon Sep 10 14:25:43 MDT 2012

Alignment: misaligned

Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0

LUN created with the correct OS type setting (Linux) uses the fdisk -u –l /dev/sdxx command from the UNIX host to get this information.

Example output :

Disk /dev/sdbh: 429.5 GB, 429523992576 bytes

255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 52219 cylinders, total 838914048 sectors

Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System

/dev/sdbh1 8 838898234 419449113+ 83 Linux



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