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Remote Lead Software Engineer - Python
Budget: $0.00


Duration: 12

Datapeople is working to make the hiring process more fair, equitable, and simple for everyone involved. We provide editing tools and hiring analytics to companies large and small around the world, including Square, Twitch, Discord, and many others. At the heart of our mission is our love for all candidates and empathy for the challenges they face when trying to get a job.

We're a small, diverse remote-first team. We want to have conversations rather than meetings, solutions rather than procedures, and initiative rather than conformity.

We are looking for experienced Python / Backend Software Engineers to help us develop data products that help recruiting teams understand and improve their hiring pipelines and processes. You'll work on developing a micro-services system to provide research-backed data analytics to customers based on data fetched directly from their applicant tracking systems. You'll work within a small backend team, reporting to our VP of Engineering and collaborating with our Product team.

You will:

  • Migrate applications from monolith to microservices
  • Build scalable data pipelines that integrate multiple data sources (both internal and external APIs).
  • Write data extraction and transformation processes with monitoring.
  • Develop internal tools that will be used by the data and engineering teams.
  • Develop and maintain cloud infrastructure in partnership with senior engineers.
  • Create code that is maintainable, testable, and observable.
  • Maintain and advocate for development standards.

You have:

  • 7+ years of experience building large-scale software applications with Python
  • Previous experience with MVC architecture
  • Experience with SQL and common relational database systems
  • Experience with debugging and data flow optimization skills
  • Experience working in AWS or other cloud environment
  • Familiarity with Docker or other containerized deployment methods

Benefits & More:

Datapeople is remote-first and currently has workers across the US and in Canada, Ukraine, and Argentina. This role is open to anyone who is able to legally work in the country where you reside without company sponsorship. In addition to core job requirements, we ask that candidates for this role:

  • Have a high level of proficiency in English
  • Have reliable home internet
  • Can work a schedule that generally overlaps with a typical US East Coast work day (9am - 5pm GMT-5)