When you see an organized system, don’t you feel pleased, or overwhelmed? Yes, working with a well-organized system is a wish to everyone. A customer or client is an indispensable part of any business. So, maintaining a good customer relationship should always be the first priority in a business. But, it is not a very easy task.

What CRM is all about?
In business, there are several strategies used for improvisation. One such strategy is used to manage relationship and interaction with the new and existing customer as well as potential customers that are known as CRM or customer relationship management. Using a CRM system is beneficial in maintaining a good connection with the customer, restructure processes and progress profitability. 
Why is CRM so important?

With the increasing number of data, these days in every sphere, managing and analyzing the data is very important. In the present day, people are talking more about different techniques and the applications thereafter. CRM is one such technology. This can be used as a strategy too and people also mean it as a process when they talk about CRM. But what is the importance of this strategy cum technology or system? The basic goal is to understand the customer behavior that helps in providing them with better service or products matching their needs.

What does CRM do in business in brief?
- Complete customer history is obtained.
- Helps in acquiring new customers.
- Saves time that can be utilized in other improvements.
- Helps in expanding a business.
- Make provisions to get the required products.
- Helps in boosting brand image.
- Reduces cost.
- Helps in optimizing conversion probability.
- Helps in training human employees.
The Next Big Thing in CRM Software:

Using machine learning, AI, transforming CRM system is the next big thing in CRM. Artificial intelligence: Another important technological bonus came up and that is AI or in short AI. Most of the technical persons are well aware of what does AI is all about. However, for those, who do not have an idea about the same, let us explain AI in brief. This is an artificial process to create human intelligence by using machines, most computer systems. The processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Efficient management of a whole lot of data generated by interacting with customers in different ways is a big challenge for every organization. This daunting task can be eased out if a machine manages the data efficiently in an automated way. AI is well known among a large mass. Now is the time to use this AI in the CRM system. In short integrating AI and CRM can bring revolution in data management. This transformation is the future of CRM. AI basically works with two ways, one is machine learning and the other is deep learning. Most of the AI works through machine learning processes. Integration of CRM and AI makes it better for the organization to understand the customer’s needs and likes as well as to offer them valuable and customized products or services. 

5 ways AI can transform CRM software acting as a positive catalyst

- Virtual assistant: Making customer calls, responding to the emails, follow-up calls, understanding client reactions, and recovery activities are very important in any business. Virtual Assistants work in all these areas. This works through AI technology and plays a vital role in CRM to helping sales and marketing professionals within the organization become more productive. The system allows these professionals to analyze customer data, policies and inventory instantly that help in efficiency. 
- Automated data input and routine tasks: In the competitive market, to remain in the forefront, automated systems are in high demand that saves time consumption. When AI is integrated with CRM, data input, retrieval, updating forecasts and customer behaviour, all are managed automatically. This enables the employees to be free from repetitive tasks and utilize their time to improve other areas of the customer relationship. Serving customers with a better experience the next time is the most effective way to maintain a good relationship with them.

- Product Usage: The data obtained from client interaction is the only information that a sales and marketing professional is aware of. However, in a CRM system, apart from the shared data by customers, purchasing conduct, designs and customer history. The machine learning or AI takes the
data collected from CRM to enhance knowledge that will help to achieve customer satisfaction in the near future.

- Customization of leads and highly developed segmentation: What is the use of the collected data if it is not used in the proper way? AI system not only collects data automatically, rather recognizes patterns, proposes necessary steps and also forecasts possible result. This helps in automating the customer engagement process. Artificial intelligence algorithm sorts the data on the basis of location, gender, web history, purchase history, etc. After getting the data, the CRM system creates customized messages based on customer doubt and takes the next step.

Aidoos Blog Image AI impact on CRM

- Client Service and Maintenance: Although the processes of AI are highly recommended in providing automated services, yet there are more complicated tasks that need human intelligence to serve them. To deal with the human demanding needs of customers, the professionals associated
with the services serve better, while AI in effort with CRM can solve the routine tasks.
Closing thoughts:
Although many people bear the thought that the introduction of AI in the market will replace the humans who are using it. AI helps in automating many processes, but when integrated with CRM, it serves in an altogether different way. It helps in providing more personalized data. Machine learning and AI help in gathering all the data automatically and manage them also. Popular AI cloud offerings from different companies are IBM Watson Assistant, Google AI services, and many more. If you are not using the man-made intelligence for customizing client requirements in products or services, then you are missing something. The answer to the question that is trending (Will AI Ever Rule the World?) is: AI integrated with CRM is the next level of technology that transforms CRM software in 2019. It will not only save time and production cost or service cost, rather it will automate the processes effectively and achieve satisfactory outputs.
AIDOOS simplifies CRM services and AI system related issues by enabling integration between customers and subject matter expert in a single platform without necessitating the need to hire resources or vendors.

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