Careers will die but work will still exist

A drastic change in the job market:

The technological revolution is changing the entire world in a drastic way and there is no confusion in it. From the viewpoint of an optimist, a number of jobs are yet to come up with industrialization. The technological revolution, however, is somewhat walking a different path. The automation of machines is likely to bring more impact on the job market. Apart from that, the introduction of different technological advancement will trigger the skillset upgradation. That means, in the near future the jobs will become the survival of the most compliant. As a result future worker need to be highly adaptable. Not only that they need to manage multiple roles at the same time.  

Reasons behind the change in job nature and how to survive in the changing job market:

The hectic schedules of the present days are stressful for working professionals. The work life and social life is at stake due to these schedules. Again when the situation will be to handle multiple roles at a time, people will be more stressed. The stress will lead to complications in their personal and family life. All these circumstances will lead to a condition when most will be willing to do a part-time job or hourly jobs. Even in the present days, most people like to do part-time jobs, freelance jobs, and project-based works. The way of work or work nature is changing at a fast pace. The business experts and economists are constantly studying and researching the trends of the job market and how that will look like by 2050. 

According to the statistics and the trends, the full-time professional careers will die, but jobs or better to say the works will exist, although a stark change will be observed in the nature of work people will be pursuing. Machine automation and robotics have also a large impact on the transformation of work nature. The gig economy and freelance are trending in the job market. People need flexibility and job satisfaction, both. Those who work in a full-time job find it difficult to get the flexibility and satisfaction in most of the cases. That is why the freelance work, the hourly basis works, and the project-based jobs are emerging more. 

Some statistical insights from previous years:

According to the statistical data, 41 million workers work independently in the U.S. alone in the year 2017. The statistical data also reveals that 38% of the independent workers are Millennial, 35% are Boomers and 27% are Gen X. Among the independent workers, around 16 million are full-time, 11.8 million are part-time and 12.9 million are occasional. Some of the independent workers agreed that they earn more money than a full-time job and the other majority of independent workers find this work culture to be more secure for them. The independent workers choose self-employment for more flexibility and to be their own boss. Some even said that working independently improved their health. However, working in this scenario has some demerits as well and those are finding suitable work every time, predicting the income from this work, etc. Sometimes, the volume of work is too much, while in other times finding an assignment takes a long time.  In the U.S. alone, the growth of freelance works is 2 times faster than the traditional workforce. In the period of 2014 to 2017 only, the number of freelance workers by choice increased from 10% to 63%. Having a diverse portfolio is more secure than having a single one, according to most of the freelancers. The belief of lifetime job or job till retirement might be outdated in the coming days. Sharpening the existing skills and updating with new skills will be the first and primary criteria for getting jobs for that moment.  

Some experts shared their views as the chances of employers seeking specialized professionals for a time period to complete a certain task, rather than regular employees for full-time. The technologically advanced systems also enhance the chances of fewer job opportunities due to the impact of automated machines. 

A new concept from AIDOOS:

All these trends and findings of the job market lead to the introduction of a new and innovative platform like AIDOOS. This is a technology-based platform. The main aim of this platform is to provide an ample amount of jobs for the experts in their domain. Each of the jobs is a task from the clients or organizations. From the ideology of Karl Marx, reaching the one with his needs to one who has the ability, AIDOOS has been formed. 

Benefits for organizational sector: In the existing pro forma, organizations start hiring employees before even starting operation. In doing so, they spend around 70% of their budget on maintaining the software and other equipment along with employee salaries and benefits. To reduce the maintenance cost, the on-demand software development platform enters the scene. The platform enables to beat the need of hiring developers, vendors or freelancers. The idea of reaching the subject matter experts to get the issues solved, the cloud platform has the greatest role. That means, the organizations simply upload the tasks either related to maintenance or improvements in the existing processes into the cloud.
Benefits for experts: The registered subject matter expert has the access to view the tasks already uploaded on the cloud. They can pick the task matching their skills and expertise. Once the task is completed, deliver the assignments and the organization will pay for the completed assignment. Annual software maintenance cost, employee salary, bench time and hierarchy costs are eliminated. Also, in this nature of the work process, the dependency and limitations of the institutions on their workforce are null as it is distributed to the subject matter experts. The saved money in the organization can be utilized for more effective and advanced technology needs.

The experts of any technically skilled area can earn without limits as they can take the assignments on the same domain from different organizations at a time. The only criteria to get the tasks solved and solve the tasks are that both organizations and SMEs or subject matter experts have to register or sign up on the platform. Once the registration is complete from both the client’s end and the expert’s end, both can communicate via AIDOOS platform to get the job done.  
Concluding thoughts: The insights on the topic through statistical data and lot of research have revealed the fact that jobs will exist, but the nature of the works will be different. The ways of income are changing and people are getting attracted towards the gig economy, freelancing and assignment based jobs. So, it is quite obvious, in the near future, the existing jobs will get transformed into an entirely new form. The concept that robots will do everything and so, the need for workforce will be zero is vague and complex. As a programming, a robot to do everything is challenging and complex rather than programming it to do a specific task. So, the complete elimination of human resource is not at all possible. People need to upgrade their skills as well as change their mindset towards full-time permanent jobs. Instead of the existing mindset, they should focus on polishing their skills and acquiring new ones so that they can cope up with the changing job market. 

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