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Hiring an expert for the job?

“If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.” - Red Adair

You can find this famous saying floating everywhere on the internet these days.

This one-line quote has much deeper meaning in it especially when hiring somebody. 

Also Read Below: The Story of Steve - How he made a mistake in hiring an amateur and how he solved his mistake through an expert - aidoos will provide you that Expert.

There are times when people make the mistake of hiring Amateurs to do the job so that they can spend less and save more profit. 

However, this one mistake can change the game drastically and deviate the business from its league or core.


Story of Steve - 

Take Steve, for example. Steve needed a Web designer for making the website for his new timber business. 

He hired an amateur (Mr. Harry) to do the job by paying less and keeping more profit to himself. 

This one mistake resulted in poor work quality, improper design and no timely compliance.

To rectify his mistake, he looked for an expert web designer.

He found Mr. Max who was very competent but charged twice for reversing the whole mistake done previously by Harry.

As a result, Steve end up spending twice the amount budgeted for the task.

On the other hand, if he would have hired resources wisely in the first place, a lot of time and cost would have been saved and he will be able to focus on key aspects.

It's almost impossible to calculate the cost of doing business with an amateur. But, it is sure that it can cost you the growth of your company.

The bottom line is price is not the only deciding factor when it comes to hiring a professional.

Some people even approve higher prices when they are sure that the professional is worth the cost.


At Aidoos, work is done by best in class Subject Matter Experts who are tried, tested and well versed with enterprise software development. They provide quick turnaround and quality delivery on agreed timeline.

With aidoos, you get freedom from unnecessary hostility and you get your work done by Subject Matter Experts.

They will give you an assurance of Quality work, fixed timeline adherence, unnecessary repeated sprints, professional behavior, and timely communication. 

You get all these benefits without any hassle since aidoos is an AI based platform which once you publish your task, picks it up and assigns it to the most appropriate exoert and gives you a complete and transparent picture of your project with the world’s best project management tools – JIRA and TFS.

So, in short, with AIDOOS you hire freelancing not freelancer, which means the platform holds responsibility for all tasks been posted on the platform and abide by all its commitments.

Hire Resources Wisely! Join Aidoos!


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