ERP upgrade - Challenges & Workaround

Customer Background

An Indian textile and furniture manufacturing company due to compliance and maintenance issues had to upgrade its Dynamics NAV system to latest version. It had partnered with an IT partner who with not a strong NAV team, did a patchy upgrade which led to serious issues impacting accounts payable, receivable etc., forcing everyone to manual work and reconciliation.

Problem Statement

Existing NAV professionals at IT partner left the company leaving everyone in panic situation. IT partner tried to onboard through multiple channels but in vain. Few came in but did not fix the problems. Meanwhile customer was unable to cope up with manual work and was ready to go back to pre-upgrade state even if it involved lot of one time work. This is when AiDOOS pitched in.

AiDOOS Solution

AiDOOS identified a strong NAV techno-functional Subject Matter Expert who had got into a long call with customers finance and IT departments. He thoroughly analyzed the upgraded system, gaps and listed all the issues and possible root causes. More than 30 critical issues were identified with corresponding cause and possible fix. He then started fixing one by one bringing normalcy to department by department. All the issues were brought to closure in less than weeks time arresting a possible reversal of the upgrade.

Business Benefits

Leadership at manufacturing firm were both relieved and happy to see the systems functioning smoother. They had been partnering with small IT vendors for critical/big ticket items while day-to-day work was done by internal IT team. Leadership decided to move all the work to AiDOOS platform with which they could save up to 40% of IT budget plus get good turnaround.


AiDOOS is an on-demand software development platform aiming to simplify software management and reduce cost of maintenance. Organizations can simply push their software maintenance tasks onto platform and pay per task. Rest is taken care by platform in terms of delivery.

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