A pill for great resignation

Sid and Che are cheddy buddies (childhood friends), now well settled in their respective positions in the corporate world. As luck would have it, they are working in the same business park, allowing them to meet regularly.

Sid and Che both are impacted with the current "great resignation" and "talent war" going on. Majority of their time is spent on hiring leaving very little for meeting business people and actual work.

After a long time, Sid is visibly happy today as he greets his friend over lunch.

Che: What's up buddy, you look very happy today, any good news?

Sid: Yes, I have got a pill to deal with great resignation

Che: What? A pill for great resignation? What are you talking? It's not an illness to somebody that you can give a pill to cure

Sid: Well, it is not illness to somebody but it is an illness to something, an organization.

Che: I am confused, how can an org take a pill?

Sid: Org is not buildings my dear, Org is people

Che: So?

Sid: So?

Che: So people inside the org to take the pill? And it will go away? What are you talking?

Sid: Not everyone in the org but the people who are dealing with the great resignation, they need to take the pill.

Che: How can a pill… can I see the pill? Is it with you now?

Sid: Open your laptop or mobile, will show you.

Che: Oh, I need to place an online order for the pills now? Is it some comedy of sorts?

Sid: Patience buddy, let me show you.

Sid takes the mobile and enters a website address and shows to Che.

Che looks at the website and Sid and says, what is this? your pill?

Sid: Many people are leaving my team, division and org despite them liking the work, boss and organization. Why do you they are leaving?

Che: Why? Better pay?

Sid: May be in some cases, but not for all. It is the working condition, the constant pressure, lack of flexibility and many more. People now want to decide the amount of the time they spend on work, it could be less hours a day and more hours another day, which practically does not work in corporate world.

Che pointing to the website asks, how does this fix the problem?

Sid: Look Che, my interest is not to lose the people who worked on the application but they won't stay back. When we lose few key people in the team, we are lost.

However, with this platform in front of us, I can have all the previous employees who worked on this application still continue to work - on task basis. As they know the system so well, their turnaround is very good. It gives them flexibility to work when they want and I am also happy as I have gotten all the people I always wanted in the team - just that they are not really my employees.

Che: I get it, so you formed a team of all the team members and you can assign them work?

Sid: I did not create the team, the employees did, power is with them. I can suggest though.

Che: That's great buddy. If we can have all our key people ever worked on a system to still be able to contribute, wow, that's amazing. I am going to register and get going right away.

Sid: Yup, as I said, a pill for great resignation

Che: Not "a" pill, it is "the" pill. I love it.

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