It's not a hidden fact that almost 50% of the technology workforce comprises IT services providers and companies often struggle to find their right match as it demands excessive engagement, communication, and networking at their end. Managing such a workforce requires companies to make impactful, quick, and error-free decisions. The traditional long-vendor models and long hiring cycles consume a lot of time and resources. CIOs and CDOs agree that the risks and complexity involved with the vendor ecosystem sometimes outweigh the innovation delivered by such tie-ups. We must recognize that software platform models are the future of work for seamless management of the valuable workforce.

On-demand software development platforms like AiDOOS help eliminate the hassles of managing the IT workforce that has long been daunting. Futuristic platforms will make the entire process seamless from finding responsible vendors, conducting due diligence, and maintaining regular communication, to coordination and communication. The complexity of vendor models is otherwise proving to be killing productivity for both IT professionals and organizations.

The millennial workforce prefers working on creative tasks and shies away from mundane and time-consuming chores. With the Millennials being at the helm of activities soon the conventional approach will lose to on-demand marketplaces like AiDOOS that step in to fill the gap and allow developers to take up complex challenges.

What is An On-demand Software Development Platform?

The need to manage existing IT systems is rising as more processes are being automated across industries. Adoption of data-driven decision-making processes in real-time requires management and analysis of huge volumes of data. It can be handled only by hiring larger teams or outsourcing certain functions. Organizations spend an estimated 70% of their IT budget on Keeping The Lights On (KTLO), but most of it is just in vain. To top it off, the pandemic compelled organizations to allow their teams to work remotely. The hassle became bigger for IT Managers as tracking each team member and getting tasks done became time-consuming.

An On-demand Software Development Platform offers an end-to-end vendor management model. It eases the hiring and project execution of enterprises. An individual or a group of highly skilled developers is hired and allocated to each IT task. You just have to post a service request on the platform with an estimated deadline. All the heavy lifting, starting from hiring, vetting, documentation, and payment processing, is handled by the platform so that everyone can focus on what they do best. This vendor management model eases the outsourcing process and limits IT expenditure, allowing organizations to invest in new initiatives without worrying about overspending.

AiDOOS is an on-demand vendor management platform that enables enterprises to overcome the need to form larger IT teams or hire multiple vendors. They can ‘pay per task’ while ensuring easier coordination and quicker completion of IT tasks. Even with the world starting to restore in-office working, it will still be difficult to reach pre-COVID efficiency. The work-from-home workers have now evolved into digital nomads. Professionals now prefer working from locations of their choice, ranging from cafés to beaches. They are even more productive now compared to when sitting in an office all day.

Advantages of an On-demand Software Development Platform

Now that we know about on-demand software development platforms, let us look at the advantages of using them:


  • Ensure high-quality delivery for each task by hiring the best: The best talent is vetted and hired by AiDOOS. Each developer is matched to the right job, thereby ensuring we deliver excellent performance always.
  • Getting the right person for the job: Subject Matter Experts are assigned to each IT task to get the best results. IT professionals can simply pick projects based on their skill set.
  • Work split among proficient teams: We speed up project delivery through the concept of taskify. Each team collaborates and communicates through the platform for quicker delivery and absolute transparency. Tasks are allocated based on the skill level of individual developers to get the best results each time without overburdening them.
  • Cut down the stress: Remote hiring and vendor management are stressful due to a lack of accountability. With AiDOOS, the process becomes smooth as teams are put together based on skills. Crucial functions of hiring and team management are handled by us. For developers, it cuts down the efforts required to spot collaborators for a project.
  • Reduce ongoing IT overheads: Pushing IT tasks to the platform gets the best person for the job without binding the organization to any regular expenses. The association is frill-free and paying per task cuts down recurring IT spends up to 50%.
  • Taskify to enhance productivity: AiDOOS's innovative AI-driven platform enables SMEs and individuals to pick projects of their choice. We split large projects into independently deliverable units to get the desired result from each task. Each person on the team is accountable only for his own deliverable. The consolidated outcome is delivered by AiDOOS to the client to produce the best outcome each time.



The times to come are peculiar without doubt, and so will be the expectations of the future workforce. Being adaptive to the evolving nature and methods of working is essential for both organizations and professionals.

The ‘future of work’ is remote and collaborative, allowing everyone to perform and deliver on their promise. An on-demand software development platform provides the best operational model for both professionals and organizations. It makes hiring developers easier and finding interesting tasks even simpler. Sign up on AiDOOS as an expert and get the best projects matching your expertise. Take up projects you love and earn as per your true potential.

IT leaders must reimagine their business operations to leverage the rising opportunities of hiring highly skilled professionals for each task. They pay per task and save costs of managing a team as well. AiDOOS platform provides end-to-end IT task management and delivery through taskify and deep integrations. Push IT tasks to AiDOOS today to accelerate your digital transformation.

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