Nowadays, most of the professionals are moving towards Freelancing from full-time office work so that they earn and spend at their own pace. But the question is how successfully are they able to survive as a freelancer. Is it just about being your own boss, sitting and working as per your leisure or is it beyond this? Freelancing is surely not for everyone but for the right ones, it can do wonders. Besides being your own boss, let’s see how freelancing can give you better opportunities to earn and dwell.


 So, if you are a new bee in the Gig world or currently working as a freelancer, you should be interested in reading the guidelines that can help you achieve more and make a win for your decision.


Identify your niche – The first and foremost thing when thinking to start working as Freelancer is to identify your specialization and check how much demand is there in the market for your skills. It is important to survey the market for your skills so that you can walk away confidently from your routine job without worrying about work in hand and pursuit your freelancing successfully.


Organize Yourself – Before you begin working as a freelancer, it is important that you arrange all your required tools & software and have a good hand on them, so that you can work uninterruptedly and be able to deliver what is expected from you.


Working Time zones – Working as a freelancer means you’ll have to work with clients located globally. This means you’ll have to mold yourself, come out of your comfort zone and be able to work in different time zones. There might be times when you’ll be working 2 or 3 different time zones simultaneously.


Make a good impression – Being in a work style where you are working remotely and can barely get chance to meet your client and build rapport with them. So, the quality of your work and the way of your communicating is the only means that can make a lifelong relationship with the client and build a trust for the platform you’re working for.


Set Milestones – Being disciplined in your routine and setting milestones for your work is important to be successful as a freelancer since you chose to be your own boss. Sometimes, freelancers make certain promises to the client like quicker project delivery date, higher quality score and well managed project execution, just to please them; but only few can stick to their words. So, ensure that your delivery matches your commitments and you maintain good rating.


Stay on the site – Be available on the platform within your working hours so that you can communicate with your client as and when needed. It is important for a freelancer working remotely to be available on the communication provided by the platform; AIDOOS provides an easy and simple to use communication mechanism to maintain the smooth communication between customer and the subject matter expert.




It is imperative that we understand the importance of our work and work management especially when we choose to be a freelancer. Like everything has its pros and cons, freelancing has its own pros and cons too. For example,

Pros of freelancing:
  1. You are your own boss.
  2. Flexible working hours.
  3. Freedom from long commutes.
  4. Freedom to choose work.
  5. Unlimited earning opportunities.

Cons of Freelancing:

  1. No fixed income.
  2. No extra perks.
  3. Loneliness.

As stated above, pros clearly outweigh the cons. However, individuals who choose to be freelancers need to be disciplined, committed, self-motivated and extremely good at organizing work and delivery. It is certainly not about holidaying. Platforms like AIDOOS give you freedom from worries like:


Regular Income – AIDOOS provides you the constant inflow of work automatically by the system based on your skills and specialization. AIDOOS has a unique way of work distribution based on skillset rather than clients choosing their own resources based on the price and portfolio.


Sticking to Milestones – AIDOOS has in-built project management engine that follows up with subject matter experts on regular basis to keep track of your work which gives you a clear picture of how your work is progressing and raises an alarm before you miss a timeline.


Continuous learning – AIDOOS platform has tied up with co-working places and online MOOC platforms. This enables subject matter experts to work from co-working places allowing to learn from other freelancers. By utilizing the online MOOC platforms, subject matter experts can keep up with latest technologies and be able to help solve customer problems.

 So, if you are all set to shift your career path towards freelancing, go ahead and follow your decision. All you need to do is Sign Up yourself as SME and Get Set Go! Don’t forget to keep the above points in mind and hopefully you will be the one to do wonders.


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