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What happened after CRM went live?

Customer Background

A US healthcare company (XYZ) had embarked on a journey of moving its customer relationship operations from legacy CRM system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After the thorough search and referrals, it had identified a partner to implement CRM.


XYZ customer's team worked closely with the implementation partner, followed agile methodology to rewrite the features into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There were everyday calls, user story grooming sessions, weekly feature demo's, and sprint wise deployments to testing environment. Everything was going well.

ABC business team worked closely with the IT partner to migrate the legacy features into Dynamics CRM, conducted all the tests, migrated the legacy data and went live. All went well and the new CRM system was doing well. However within a week of going live, it had encountered a critical memory leakage issue in the system that had brought down the system causing serious impact to business.

Both customer's team and partner's IT team spent numerous hours to identify the root-cause but they could not. Meanwhile the business is severely impacted and customer's exec team is very unhappy.

Our Solution

AIDOOS understood that the issue is to do with the product and only experts with knowledge at product level can fix it. It had created a task and routed to one of Microsoft experts who actually was involved in developing CRM product. The identified SME quickly root-caused the issue and fixed it. Customer was delighted as a week long issue was brought to closure in few hours.

Business Benefits

XYZ leadership was excited at the turnaround and the operating model of AIDOOS platform. It was on-boarded onto AIDOOS and started pushing all the CRM maintenance work onto platform keeping only critical feature development in-house. This has reduced projected CRM maintenance spend by more than 40%. 


AIDOOS is an on-demand software development platform aiming to simplify software management and reduce cost of maintenance. Organizations can simply push their software maintenance tasks onto platform and pay per task. Rest is taken care by platform in terms of delivery.

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