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Power Enterprise Pool configuration file
POWER7 information

Power Enterprise Pool configuration file

The configuration file is a signed XML file that contains the required information to configure a Power® Enterprise Pool.

Pool ID
The unique ID that IBM® assigns to the Power Enterprise Pool.
Sequence number
A numeric value that increments higher whenever IBM updates the configuration file.
Power Enterprise Pool membership codes
An activation code or a termination code for each system that is a member of the pool.
Mobile CoD processor code
The activation code that sets the total number of Mobile CoD processors that you can use in the pool.
Mobile CoD memory code
The activation code that sets the total amount of Mobile CoD memory that you can use in the pool.
You must contact IBM to get a new configuration file to do the following operations:
  • Create a Power Enterprise Pool
  • Add systems to a pool or remove systems from a pool
  • Add Mobile CoD resources to a pool or remove Mobile CoD resources from a pool
You must have the latest configuration file for a pool to do the following operations:
  • Recover the master Hardware Management Console (HMC) for a pool after a clean installation of the master HMC.
  • Set a new master HMC for a pool.
    Note: You do not always need the configuration file to set the master HMC. For more information, see the Power Enterprise Pools and the master HMC.

The latest configuration file for a Power Enterprise Pool is available on the Capacity on Demand (CoD) website

Add or remove systems from Power Enterprise Pools

Adding or removing a system from an established Power Enterprise Pool requires notification to IBM.

An updated addendum must be submitted to the Power Systems™ CoD project office ( to add or remove systems from Power Enterprise Pool. When the update is processed, a new pool configuration file is posted on the CoD website.

Before you remove the systems from a pool, all assets (including Mobile CoD resources) that were originally purchased with the system must be returned to that same system serial number. Mobile assets that belong to a system might qualify for transfer to another system serial number depending on normal qualifying guidelines and, if possible, require more administrative action.

Systems that are removed from a pool can join another pool and contribute Mobile CoD resources to the new pool and use Mobile CoD resources of other systems. Mobile CoD resources require a pool ID to be recognized.

Eligible program authorizations

As a result of authorized participation in a Power Enterprise Pools offering, you are authorized to temporarily transfer entitlements for authorized use of each Eligible Program from a Power Systems server that is participating in the pool to another Power Systems server that is also participating in the pool. You must not exceed the maximum number of software licenses within the pool for any specific software agreement.

Required maintenance service and support

Within each Power Enterprise Pool, all participating systems must either be serviced by IBM under warranty or an IBM maintenance service agreement, or not be serviced by IBM. In addition, each eligible program that is entitled for IBM software maintenance (SWMA) on one or more systems that are participating in the pool must also have a valid SWMA agreement on every participating system in the pool that eligible program will execute on.

Additional Power Enterprise Pool requirements

The following are the additional Power Enterprise Pool requirements:
  • Any licenses for Power software like AIX®, IBM i, and other Power software, that exist on any system in a pool must also be licensed for at least one core on each of the additional systems in the pool.
  • All systems in a pool must be owned by the same customer enterprise number.
  • Activations cannot be transferred, moved, or otherwise reassigned across country boundaries.
  • Integrated Facility for Linux activations are not supported as mobile activations within Power Enterprise Pools but can reside separately on systems within a pool. AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems and their workloads are all supported by Power Enterprise Pools.

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Last updated: Thu, April 09, 2015

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