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Business Development
Budget: $TBD


The Community Liaison is a qualified person appointed by the organization, who is responsible for developing new business for the organization. They are also responsible for identifying community referral partners, educating them on our services, and developing relationships. The Community Liaison continually evaluates the timely adjustment of marketing strategies and plans, recommends changes in the marketing plan, and executes visits to businesses and/or individuals that would benefit from the services of the organization. Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am- 4:30 pm Requirements: Education: Associate's degree in related career fields business, marketing, community, sales, management, politics, and related. Experience: 1-year experience in community involvement. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS 1. Develops new referral sources and strengthen existing relationships with existing referral sources. 2. Sell and promote organization services in the community via strong prospecting and by building strategic alliances. 3. Create and keep up to date a business plan within the assigned area according to the company’s goals. 4. Makes online-meeting and telephone contact with referral sources. Sets appointments, and facilitates meetings with referral sources and appropriate organization personnel. 5. Maintain documentation in Sales Force relating to all sales activities. 6. Pre-plan weekly marketing activities. 7. Maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness in daily activities 8. Prepares weekly reports documenting activities completed for the organization in the community. 9. Represents the organization at community and/or business functions; promotes existing and new organization programs (online) or coordinate attendance for in-person staff member. Must have excellent English communication verbal and written. Earning is $1,000 per new client