Matching Abilities, Unleashing Possibilities!

AiDOOS empowers global experts to effortlessly come together, establish ventures with kindred spirits, create products, and contribute to their envisioned enterprises. It's a process that's both straightforward and smooth.


AiDOOS Methodology doesn't aim to replace existing methodologies or processes; instead, it's designed to enhance them for superior outcomes.

Enterprise services/product budgets are predominantly allocated to new development and maintenance of existing products. A substantial portion of these funds is directed towards non-value-added activities and unnecessary overheads, resulting in delays and minimal value generation.

Enter AiDOOS, an on-demand services platform that addresses this issue. By eliminating redundant layers and overheads, AiDOOS streamlines the process. Organizations can seamlessly delegate their work, adopting a pay-per-task model.

This platform empowers enterprises to effortlessly offload their software development and maintenance tasks, exclusively paying for delivered tasks. The result? Up to 50% reduction in expenditures, offering substantial savings.

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Evolving Work Dynamics

The prevailing work scenario mainly encompasses three approaches: internal teams consisting of full-time employees and contractors, outsourcing to external vendors, or a combination of both models. A transformative evolution is underway to facilitate and empower businesses in leveraging talent from diverse geographical regions.

Navigating Operational Challenges

The process of outsourcing, while effective, often proves to be an arduous journey characterized by prolonged cycles and numerous rounds of negotiation with each potential vendor. Outsourcing vendors prioritize deploying abundant resources to maximize revenue, often leading to a time-consuming hiring and team formation process. The vendor's objective, coupled with serving multiple clients, contributes to these delays.

To counter the extended timelines of outsourcing, retaining intellectual property, ensuring swift responses, and achieving uniformity, larger organizations established internal teams. These teams were entrusted with studying the market, setting appropriate technology directions, and fostering uniformity. However, this pursuit of consistency has resulted in extensive discussions and consequential delays, hampering the timely execution of business strategies.

If outsourcing and internal teams are not the chosen paths, what solution exists for businesses to effectively expedite their work processes?

AiDOOS Approach

The AiDOOS methodology revolves around empowering organizations to reduce their dependency on large teams, whether they are internal, sourced from vendors, or a hybrid combination. This approach allows organizations to maintain a lean internal team and delegate a significant portion of their work to the AiDOOS platform. As a result, organizations save substantial time and resources while maintaining the flexibility to scale up or down without undergoing cumbersome hiring and firing processes.

Is AiDOOS merely another methodology?

Although AiDOOS is indeed a methodology, it encompasses more than just that. It serves as a process, a philosophy, a framework, and notably, a platform—a comprehensive ecosystem. This platform empowers organizations to put the methodology into action. Furthermore, AiDOOS is not intended to replace any existing methodologies; instead, it complements them by providing a platform that streamlines the entire development and delivery process.

AiDOOS Methodology Overview

Mission Statement: "Right Person for the Job"

The AiDOOS Methodology is guided by these core principles:

  • Opportunity Beyond Borders
  • Eliminate Overhead - Get Tasks Done
  • Unleash Global Talent, Infinite Possibilities
Within the People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework, most existing methodologies focus on only one element, often the process. AiDOOS encompasses all three. It comprises a diverse pool of registered individuals, a well-defined operational process, and a technology-driven platform to execute the process.

Organizations submit projects or talent requirements to the platform, which are then matched with the right teams or individuals from around the world. This approach eliminates the necessity of assembling large teams and allows organizations to tap into global talent, facilitating swift responsiveness to diverse development needs.

The AiDOOS framework outlines how to divide work into individually manageable tasks, place them on the platform, and integrate them seamlessly to yield unprecedented outcomes.

Furthermore, AiDOOS serves as a platform that offers global talent the opportunity to serve clients and earn fairly. Its guiding philosophy revolves around accomplishing tasks through the right individuals. These individuals can hail from any corner of the world, redefining the boundaries of talent utilization.

The AiDOOS Product Marketplace empowers organizations by eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel. Whether it's a project, talent requirement, proof of concept, cutting-edge technology, or legacy systems, AiDOOS has the solution.

One of AiDOOS's distinct features is its lightning-fast team formation process. Imagine having a hundred tasks requiring subject matter expertise. By posting them on the platform, a hundred global SMEs can seamlessly pick up these tasks. This contrasts with the traditional approach, which would involve significant time and effort in hiring, onboarding, and scaling up or down.

In essence, AiDOOS forms a cloud of talent, enabling rapid scalability – a feat previously only achievable with physical infrastructure.

AiDOOS Execution Approach

The AiDOOS execution process sets itself apart by skillfully merging partner processes with platform scalability, resulting in an unparalleled approach.

What sets AiDOOS apart is its unique ownership of delivery and quality, a facet not commonly found in other platforms. Each project is assigned a dedicated delivery manager who collaborates closely with the client and the expert team, assuming full ownership of the execution process.

Furthermore, AiDOOS takes on the responsibility of risk management and the necessary mitigations.

In essence, AiDOOS's execution methodology seamlessly integrates partner dynamics and platform capabilities, providing an exceptional approach that ensures quality, accountability, and efficient project management.

AiDOOS All-In-One Platform

The AiDOOS All-In-One Integrated Platform encompasses Project Management, Communication Channels, Document Repositories, and Remote Hiring. These components are intricately interwoven and feature built-in integrations, resulting in a streamlined and seamless execution process.

Small and Medium Enterprises can harness the power of AiDOOS without the need to invest in multiple tools. AiDOOS serves as an all-encompassing solution for both their internal and external projects.

This distinctive offering is truly a paradigm of its own and warrants first-hand experience to truly grasp its capabilities.

Embarking on the Enterprise Journey with AiDOOS

In an era defined by transformative shifts and boundless possibilities, the future of work beckons enterprises to embrace a paradigm that transcends traditional boundaries. The global landscape is witnessing a remarkable evolution, one that invites organizations to leverage a diverse tapestry of talent that knows no geographic confines.

As the world becomes more interconnected and technology redefines the realm of possibilities, the path forward for enterprises lies in harnessing this borderless talent to shape a future that knows no bounds.

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Enterprise Onboarding Process

The registration and onboarding process for the AiDOOS platform is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. With intuitive steps and a seamless flow, the process ensures simplicity.

We request only the essential information necessary to facilitate your activities on the platform. All that enterprises need to provide are their enterprise name and required contact details. After this, our platform team will reach out to ensure a smooth onboarding journey.

For further assistance, you can easily get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" section. Our team will promptly respond, arranging a session to guide you through the registration process.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the platform's functions, flow, and mechanisms, both the enterprise team and AiDOOS prioritize a holistic approach. As part of the onboarding process, the AiDOOS team will conduct a thorough platform tour, familiarizing you with each feature and the end-to-end workflow.

This meticulous onboarding procedure empowers the enterprise team to initiate activities seamlessly and become self-sufficient. The enterprise has the flexibility to designate an individual or group to manage the organization's platform credentials and operations.

To maximize the platform's potential while integrating with the enterprise's existing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and communication tools, establishing integrations is vital. These integrations encompass TFS & Jira for existing ALMs and Trello & Slack for the enterprise's communication platforms.

Project Life Cycle

AiDOOS has crafted an elegant, intuitive, and user-friendly process for project creation. When an organization initiates a project, AiDOOS's operations team steps in to review and validate the requirements, guaranteeing their comprehensiveness. Collaborating closely with the organization, the team ensures the budget is accurately set to facilitate a seamless project commencement.

  • AiDOOS kicks off the process by identifying and appointing a dedicated Delivery Manager for each project.

  • Upon assignment of Delivery Manager and ensuring the completeness of requirements & budget, AiDOOS proceeds to publish the project.

  • Next, the Recommendation Engine comes into play, pinpointing the optimal teams suited for the project and promptly notifying them.

  • From the pool of interested teams, AiDOOS meticulously selects the best-fit team, entrusting them with the project's execution.

  • The project journey then transitions to the Project Dashboard, where Backlog and Sprint execution unfold seamlessly.

  • A dedicated team channel is established for effective communication among the three key stakeholders: the Customer, Delivery Manager, and Expert Team.

  • The Project Dashboard serves as the hub for transparent execution, empowering all stakeholders to create, assign, and complete tasks efficiently.

  • The Notification Engine works tirelessly, ensuring that all actions are promptly communicated to the right stakeholders, leaving no room for communication gaps.

  • Sprint execution continues until the project reaches its conclusion, with the Notification Engine diligently keeping everyone informed.

  • As all stakeholders come to an agreement, and the customer validates the delivery, the project closure process is initiated.

  • Unanimous approval from the Customer, Delivery Manager, and Expert Team marks the official project closure, signifying its successful completion.
When the enterprise closes the project, no new tasks can be added to that project. However project closure is allowed only when all the tasks under that project are in "Closed" status.

For any unforeseen reasons if enterprises need to pull back a task, they can choose to withdraw a task that is already published. If the task is not already picked up by any Subject Matter Expert, there is no task fee levied on the enterprise. If the task is already picked up by SME which means the task is already in progress, enterprise needs to pay full task fee.

Established Project Payment Structure

The project's payment schedule is determined and agreed upon in advance. With each milestone achievement and subsequent customer sign-off, the corresponding payment is initiated.

The payment from the customer is directed to the platform and subsequently disbursed to the expert team involved in the project. This process ensures transparency, accountability, and a seamless flow of compensation for the accomplished work.

Comprehensive Platform Assistance

At AiDOOS, you benefit from uninterrupted support through our dedicated Delivery Manager, available to assist you round the clock.

Dedicated Delivery Manager

In the dynamic landscape of platform model of work, where projects span various domains and complexities, ensuring seamless execution and superior quality remains a challenge.

Traditional freelancing platforms often act merely as intermediaries, connecting clients with freelancers but lacking accountability for project delivery and quality. In contrast, the AiDOOS platform introduces a groundbreaking approach with its Delivery Manager Model, redefining the standards of project management and execution in the freelance industry.

Dedicated Delivery Manager
The AiDOOS Delivery Manager Model

The cornerstone of the AiDOOS platform lies in its unique Delivery Manager Model, which sets it apart from conventional freelancing platforms. Unlike others, AiDOOS assigns a dedicated delivery manager to each project, serving as the central point of contact and assuming full ownership of the execution process. This model integrates the efficiency of partner processes with the scalability of a platform, ensuring unparalleled delivery and quality.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Delivery Manager

The delivery manager plays a multifaceted role throughout the project lifecycle, encompassing various responsibilities:

Project Oversight:
From initiation to completion, the delivery manager oversees every aspect of the project, ensuring adherence to timelines, scope, and quality standards.

Client Collaboration:
Acting as the primary interface between the client and the expert team, the delivery manager fosters open communication, understands client requirements, and provides regular updates on project progress.

Risk Management:
Anticipating and mitigating potential risks is integral to the delivery manager's role. Whether it's resource constraints, technical challenges, or scope creep, the delivery manager proactively addresses issues to ensure smooth project execution.

Team Management:
The delivery manager is responsible for assembling and managing the expert team assigned to the project. From assigning suitable freelancers to coordinating their efforts, the delivery manager ensures optimal team performance.

Quality Assurance:
Maintaining high-quality standards is paramount, and the delivery manager enforces rigorous quality control measures throughout the project lifecycle. This includes reviewing deliverables, conducting quality checks, and soliciting client feedback.

Client Satisfaction:
Ultimately, the delivery manager is accountable for client satisfaction. By exceeding expectations, fostering positive relationships, and delivering exceptional results, the delivery manager ensures client loyalty and repeat business.

Advantages of the Delivery Manager Model

The AiDOOS Delivery Manager Model offers several compelling advantages over traditional freelancing platforms:

Single Point of Contact:
By assigning a dedicated delivery manager, AiDOOS streamlines communication and eliminates the need for clients to interact with multiple freelancers. This simplifies the project management process and enhances client convenience.

Ownership and Accountability:
Unlike other platforms that act merely as intermediaries, AiDOOS assumes full ownership and accountability for project delivery and quality. The delivery manager takes responsibility for every aspect of the project, ensuring superior outcomes.

Expertise and Specialization:
Delivery managers bring in-depth expertise and specialized knowledge to the table, enabling them to understand client requirements thoroughly and tailor solutions accordingly. This expertise enhances the overall quality and efficiency of project execution.

Trust and Reliability:
Certified delivery managers instill trust and reliability in clients, assuring them of high-quality and dependable service. By consistently delivering on promises and exceeding expectations, AiDOOS builds long-lasting relationships with its clientele.

Faster Delivery:
Leveraging their experience and expertise, delivery managers expedite project delivery without compromising on quality. This results in shorter turnaround times and enhanced customer satisfaction, driving client retention and loyalty.

Senior Specialists as Delivery Managers

AiDOOS collaborates with senior specialists worldwide who act as delivery managers. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, reviewing and approving the work delivered by the expert teams. By ensuring alignment with industry best practices and quality standards, these senior specialists who work as delivery managers, uphold AiDOOS's commitment to excellence.

Delivery Manager Model

In a landscape characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving client expectations, the AiDOOS Delivery Manager Model emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. By integrating partner processes with platform scalability, AiDOOS redefines project management in the freelance industry, delivering unparalleled results and client satisfaction. With its dedicated delivery managers, expertise-driven approach, and unwavering commitment to quality, AiDOOS sets a new benchmark for excellence in project execution.

Navigating the Expert Journey with AiDOOS

In the realm of limitless possibilities, the expert journey with AiDOOS unfolds as a path to unlock your potential on a global stage. As an expert, you become an integral part of a borderless community, connecting with organizations seeking your specific skills and knowledge.

AiDOOS opens doors to impactful projects, seamless collaboration, and financial rewards that align with your expertise. Join us on this transformative journey where your talent knows no geographical limits, and your contributions shape the future of work.

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Embrace the World, Empower Your Expertise

Are the confines of the traditional 9-5 routine leaving you uninspired? Are you yearning for a greater sense of purpose in your work? If your answer is yes, then look no further – AiDOOS is here to revolutionize your career.

Seize the opportunity to utilize your skills, expertise, and knowledge to their fullest potential. Break free from conventional boundaries and embark on a journey of global impact. With AiDOOS, you can stay rooted in your preferred location while contributing to solving complex global business challenges through your technological prowess.

Our platform offers an array of limitless projects and thought-provoking tasks, empowering you to embrace your passion and realize your full potential. Transform your career in just a few minutes, and embark on a fulfilling journey toward your dream work.

Expert Onboarding & Execution Journey

Joining AiDOOS as an expert is a seamless and empowering experience designed to unleash your potential on a global scale.

Registration: Begin by signing up on the AiDOOS platform, providing essential information about your expertise and skills.

Profile Setup: Create a comprehensive profile that showcases your unique strengths and areas of specialization. This profile serves as your digital portfolio, introducing you to organizations seeking your expertise.

Project Matching: Our platform's advanced recommendation system identifies projects that align with your skills. You'll receive notifications about projects that offer a perfect fit for your expertise.

Project Selection: Browse through the curated projects and select the ones that resonate with your interests and capabilities.

Collaboration: Upon selection, you'll be introduced to the project's team, including the Delivery Manager and other experts. Collaborate seamlessly to ensure a shared understanding of goals and deliverables. Execution: Dive into the project's tasks, utilizing your skills to drive meaningful contributions. Stay connected through the dedicated project channel, fostering efficient communication.

Milestones and Payments: As you achieve project milestones and secure customer sign-offs, payments are initiated through the platform. Your dedication and effort are rewarded promptly.

Professional Growth: With each successfully completed project, your portfolio expands, opening doors to more opportunities and increased visibility within the AiDOOS community.

Continuous Learning: Engage with a thriving community of experts, where you can exchange knowledge, share insights, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Empowerment: Experience the power of remote work and global collaboration, as AiDOOS empowers you to solve complex challenges while enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Step into a world where your expertise knows no geographical limits. Begin your expert journey with AiDOOS and redefine the way you work, collaborate, and make an impact.

Comprehensive Platform Assistance

At AiDOOS, you benefit from uninterrupted support through our dedicated Delivery Manager, available to assist you round the clock.

Pioneering the Future of Work

We stand at the threshold of a transformative era known as the future of work, where enterprises are awakening to this paradigm shift and preparing to embrace its boundless potential. This evolution not only revolutionizes how we work but also dramatically curtails technology infrastructure expenses.

This remarkable transformation is unfolding within AiDOOS. Through a fusion of cutting-edge technological infrastructure and the power of human expertise, our platform is pioneering a new way of work. Individuals can now operate from any location, seamlessly connecting to customers' environments to carry out essential tasks.

Future of work
The Power of Synergy: Human Intelligence and Technical Infrastructure

The convergence of human intelligence and cutting-edge technology infrastructure yields remarkable outcomes. The global landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation, ushering in the era of the "Future of Work." Traditional challenges such as extended hiring cycles, lengthy vendor relationships, and frequent job changes are now relics of the past. .

The age of digital nomadism has dawned upon us. It's a time to traverse the globe, seamlessly connect from any corner, and contribute to enterprises in an entirely automated fashion.

At the forefront of this revolution stands AiDOOS, providing the essential framework, connectivity, and tools to embrace the Future of Work. Enterprises no longer need to rely on large internal or vendor teams; instead, they can transition to a platform-driven approach. Projects can be posted or dedicated experts can be engaged as needed, with payment structured around outcomes.

For experts, the era of job-hopping and competitive bidding is replaced by a more sustainable model. They can now focus on responding to tasks that align with their expertise and forming teams that offer comprehensive services in specialized domains. AiDOOS empowers a seamless transition to this new era, revolutionizing how work is done and creating a harmonious synergy between human capability and technological advancement.

Enabling Global Task Synergy

AiDOOS emerges as the solution for enterprises of all scales, liberating them from the laborious and costly cycle of talent acquisition. Instead, enterprises can seamlessly broadcast their tasks on the platform, seamlessly tapping into a diverse global pool of talent.

In the realm of substantial tasks or projects, AiDOOS employs a strategic approach: it segments them into individually manageable tasks, which are then dispersed and harmoniously brought together to create the final product for the customer.

Whether it's the delivery of tasks or engagement of dedicated experts, AiDOOS serves as a global orchestrator, seamlessly collaborating with teams across the world. Armed with tools and technologies, these teams collaboratively operate on the platform, ensuring swift and high-quality results.

Through its global orchestration, AiDOOS grants enterprises the invaluable capability to scale rapidly, executing projects with unprecedented speed. Simultaneously, this dynamic approach empowers experts to collaborate with multiple global enterprises without the need to switch jobs. AiDOOS is ushering in a future where efficiency and expertise converge seamlessly, redefining the landscape of work.

The Connected Workplace

AiDOOS introduces a seamlessly connected workplace, enriching the experience by offering robust integrations with industry-standard tools. Embracing the platform is effortless as AiDOOS integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. Enterprises can seamlessly continue operations within tools such as Jira, TFS, and ServiceNow, selectively leveraging AiDOOS for designated tasks.

The integration process is intuitive; AiDOOS harmoniously transfers data, updates statuses, and facilitates communication, all while integrating seamlessly with the existing toolset. This integration negates the need for laborious adjustments and streamlines the onboarding process for enterprise teams.

Through the AiDOOS connected workplace, global team members transcend geographical boundaries to collaborate seamlessly on tasks. This virtual coworking environment eliminates the need for cumbersome toolset adaptations. Instead, team members continue using their familiar communication tools, with AiDOOS as the underlying facilitator.

This virtual coworking platform is both liberating and practical, requiring no additional investments or infrastructure. It effortlessly scales to accommodate teams of varying sizes, allowing them to expand capabilities without leaving their comfort zone or requiring extensive resources. The AiDOOS connected workplace is where collaboration knows no limits, ushering in a new era of efficiency, flexibility, and integrated teamwork.

Precision Monitoring, Reliability, and Risk Mitigation

AiDOOS incorporates an embedded monitoring system designed to ensure that tasks undertaken by experts and teams are on track and progressing as scheduled. The platform proactively notifies and maintains communication with experts, guaranteeing that task statuses are consistently updated.

Should any indication of deviation arise, AiDOOS possesses a manual intervention mechanism that steps in promptly. This mechanism can reassign tasks to alternative team members or teams, safeguarding the commitment to on-time delivery.

The Teams feature within AiDOOS is fortified with inherent risk coverage. These technology-focused teams possess the capacity to address any potential delays in timelines or deviations in quality, ensuring consistent project execution.

In collaboration with seasoned global experts, AiDOOS establishes senior delivery partners who oversee and certify the deliveries of these teams. Additionally, the platform facilitates pair working between AiDOOS's delivery partner and platform teams when necessary. This cooperative approach ensures that quality standards are met and deliveries are punctual, enhancing overall project reliability and reducing risk factors.

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