Terms of Service

Please read the "Terms of Service" carefully as they contain important information about your rights and obligations for the period you are associated with AiDOOS. This user agreement is contract between you (the user, irrespective of user role on the platform) and us (AiDOOS Platform).

You must read and agree to all the terms and conditions to be a user of the platform located at www.aidoos.com. The agreement refers to multiple subsections and all these are collectively referred as "Terms of Service".

AiDOOS may in its sole discretion amend this agreement and other sections of "Terms of Service". AiDOOS provides a reasonable advance notice to users when there is substantial change to the any part of the "Terms of Service" in order for users to go through the revised terms and agree to. In case of substantial change, AiDOOS will clearly call out the "Effective Date" of the change.

As a user, you understand that by using the site, you are bound by the "Terms of Service". If you are not in agreement of "Terms of Service", you can opt out of the association and should not access site from thereon. If you agree to the "Terms of Service" on behalf of an organization, you are the representative of the organization and hence have the authority to confirm that your organization is bound by the "Terms of Service" of AiDOOS.

  • By registering on the site as a user, you provide true and accurate information and you agree to the "Terms of Service". You agree not to provide any false or misleading information. AIDOOS reserves the right to decline registration for any legal reasons. You will use the platform only for the stated purpose and not for any other means.
  • There are three major account types on AiDOOS platform:
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): This is a freelancer account wherein you provide independent services either as an individual or a group of individuals. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any legal matters that you need to abide by the law. All the tax and legal bindings will be taken care by you/your group.
  • Company/Enterperise/Organization: This is an organization account wherein the person creating the account is the representative of the organization. You (your organization) acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for any legal matters that your organization to abide by the law. All the tax and legal bindings will be taken care by your organization.
  • Sales Partner: This is a freelancer sales professional account wherein you bring in sales to the platform as an individual or a group of individuals. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any legal matters that you need to abide by the law. All the tax and legal bindings will be taken care by you/your group.
  • All the users are responsible for financial implications for the transactions done on the platform. All the user types are from time to time verified by AiDOOS platform. You are solely responsible for safeguarding your usernames and passwords.
Relationship with AiDOOS
  • SMEs are provided with the tasks on AiDOOS platform which they pickup, complete, deliver and earn money upon acceptance by organization. SMEs complete one task before moving onto another task. AiDOOS platform provides the task details as-is provided by organization and entire transaction begins with task pickup and ends with money payout. SMEs are not employees of the platform and AiDOOS does not have any other obligations in this relationship.
  • Organizations are provided the platform to publish the tasks which are distributed among SMEs registered on the platform - based on skillset, availability, knowledge in the domain and many other matching criteria. AiDOOS platform provides the tools to communicate with SMEs and organizations need to ensure that all the details are provided in order to get the task done on time and with expected quality. Beyond these transactions, AIDOOS does not have any other relationship outside this.
  • Sales Partners onboard organizations and they earn a commission for every task done under that project. Sales Partners are not entitled for commission from other projects coming from the same organization.
  • AiDOOS takes the portion of task cost towards fee. The fee is not visible to organization, SME or any other users. The amount mentioned against a task to SME is paid fully to SME after deducting any taxes. The amount paid by organization for the task is not visible to SMEs.
  • Organization Payment: Organizations pay the advance amount which is kept as advance funds. As the tasks are published, the task cost gets deducted from the funds. Organizations should monitor the funds and deposit when balance goes below threshold. Tasks are not published if the available balance is not sufficient.
  • Task Withdrawal: Organization has the right to withdraw a task. If the task is not yet accepted by any SME, the full amount is paid back to organization, i.e., deposited back into organization funds balance. If the task had been already taken by SME, task is withdrawn but the amount is paid to SME and other parties as applicable.
  • Payout: Upon successful completion of task and acceptance by organization, amount is paid out to all the parties involved in the task delivery.
  • Payment Methods: Organizations can deposit funds using multiple payment methods: PayPal or direct wire transfer. AiDOOS representative works closely with organization in ensuring the transfer is done to the right AiDOOS account.

    AiDOOS platform pays out to SMEs, Sales Partners using multiple payment methods: PayPal or direct wire transfer.
  • Currency Conversion: Organizations operating in different currencies will need to choose best currency conversion option to avoid currency conversion costs.
  • Termination: Organizations and SMEs cannot terminate the contract while projects are in progress. If they wish to terminate the contract, they have to close the current open transactions and then terminate.