Terms of Service

Please carefully review these "Terms of Service" as they contain essential information about your rights and responsibilities while engaging with AiDOOS. This user agreement establishes a contract between you (the user, regardless of your role on the platform) and us (AiDOOS Platform).

By using the site located at www.aidoos.com, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. This collective agreement includes various subsections, collectively referred to as the "Terms of Service."

AiDOOS reserves the right to amend this agreement and other sections of the "Terms of Service" at its sole discretion. We will provide reasonable advance notice to users in the event of substantial changes to any part of the "Terms of Service," enabling users to review and agree to the revised terms. For substantial changes, the "Effective Date" of the modification will be clearly indicated.

As a user, your use of the site implies your acceptance of the "Terms of Service." If you do not agree with these terms, you have the option to discontinue your association and refrain from accessing the site. If you are agreeing to the "Terms of Service" on behalf of an organization, you confirm that you are an authorized representative of the organization with the authority to bind it to the AiDOOS "Terms of Service."

User Registration and Account Types
  • When you register as a user on the site, you are agreeing to provide accurate and truthful information, and you are bound by the "Terms of Service." You must not provide false or misleading information. AiDOOS reserves the right to decline registration for legal reasons. Your use of the platform should align with its intended purpose and not be used for any unauthorized activities.
  • The platform offers three primary account types:
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): This account type is for independent freelancers or groups offering services. SMEs are responsible for legal and tax obligations related to their services.
  • Company/Enterperise/Organization: This account type is for organizational representatives, who are accountable for their organization's legal and tax responsibilities.
  • Sales Partner: : Sales professionals can use this account type to bring in sales to the platform. Similar to SMEs, Sales Partners are responsible for their legal and tax obligations.
  • All users are responsible for financial implications related to platform transactions. AiDOOS verifies user types from time to time. Safeguarding your usernames and passwords is your sole responsibility.
User Relationship with AiDOOS
  • SMEs receive projects on the platform, which they complete and deliver for acceptance by organizations. SMEs handle each project individually, from pickup to completion, and earn compensation upon acceptance. SMEs are not employees of the platform, and AiDOOS has no other obligations in this regard.
  • Organizations can publish projects on the platform, which are assigned to SMEs based on matching criteria. AiDOOS provides communication tools, and organizations must ensure project details are accurate for timely and quality completion. AiDOOS has no further relationship beyond facilitating these transactions.
  • Sales Partners onboard organizations and earn commissions for specific tasks. Sales Partners are entitled to commission only for tasks under their onboarded projects.
AiDOOS Fee and Financial Transactions
  • AiDOOS retains a portion of project cost as a fee. This fee is not visible to users and does not affect compensation received by SMEs. Organization payments and available funds are monitored on the platform.
  • Payouts occur upon project or milestone completion and acceptance by organizations. Multiple payment methods, including Payment Gateway and direct wire transfer, are available for depositing funds and receiving payouts.
Currency Conversion and Termination

Currency conversion options are available to organizations operating in different currencies to minimize conversion costs.

During ongoing projects, organizations and SMEs cannot terminate contracts. Termination requires closing current open transactions before initiating termination.