Frequently Asked Questions

For Experts
Unlike traditional freelancing platforms where freelancers actively search and pitch for work, AiDOOS adopts a distinct approach. With AiDOOS, work seamlessly comes to you, allowing you to focus on completing tasks within specified timelines and delivering top-notch quality. This unique model ensures a consistent stream of assignments and emphasizes timely, high-quality performance.
The concept of "Teams" on AiDOOS is both distinctive and potent. It empowers individuals to establish specialized teams, functioning as virtual companies comprised of members spanning the globe. This innovative approach effectively transforms experienced individuals into entrepreneurs. AiDOOS manages the sales aspect, channeling work from global enterprises to these teams. This dynamic model propels teams to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with established corporate consulting firms, unleashing unparalleled opportunities and potential for growth.
Absolutely not. AiDOOS simplifies the process for you. When projects align with your expertise, you can readily select and engage with them. Once you've taken on a project, your focus should be on delivering exceptional results within the stipulated timeframe. Your commitment to quality and punctuality speaks for itself, ensuring a continuous flow of work without the need for any extra effort.
The payment structure depends on the project's scope. It could be milestone-based or a one-time payment. After you successfully finish a project or milestone, and it receives approval from the customer, the corresponding project or milestone amount is credited to your wallet, ensuring a seamless and transparent compensation process.
AiDOOS provides a dedicated Project Room within the Team Channel on the platform. This virtual space facilitates effective interaction among all three key parties: the customer, the AiDOOS Delivery Manager, and yourself or your team. This collaborative environment ensures regular communication, close cooperation, and a shared commitment to achieving seamless project delivery and communication success.
Once you successfully finalize a project, AiDOOS tokens will be allocated to you as a reward. The distribution of tokens is contingent upon various factors such as the project's scope, the quality of your delivery, and more. Your dedication and performance directly influence the number of tokens you receive upon project completion.
Your earned tokens hold value within the AiDOOS platform. You can redeem these tokens for a range of offerings, including co-working space access, MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) subscriptions, travel packages, healthcare and insurance benefits, and numerous other valuable opportunities available through the platform.
Yes, you can convert your AiDOOS tokens into cash through exchanges. Once the AiDOOS token is listed on various exchanges, you'll have the opportunity to trade and sell them, similar to any other cryptocurrency. The listing on exchanges enables you to engage in buy and sell transactions, providing a pathway to convert tokens into traditional currency.
AiDOOS provides round-the-clock support through dedicated Delivery Managers, ensuring your queries and concerns are promptly addressed.
Setting up an account is simple and intuitive. Register on the platform, and our team will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth start. Adding these questions and answers will provide a comprehensive overview for experts interested in joining AiDOOS.
For Companies
Unlike traditional freelancing or gig platforms that primarily serve as match-making platforms, AiDOOS offers a distinctive approach. Existing platforms require customers to individually select suitable talent for each task, lacking delivery and quality assurance. AiDOOS revolutionizes this by taking full ownership of identifying, assigning the right teams or individuals, and ensuring delivery and quality. This unique model seamlessly blends the effectiveness of partner processes with the scalability of a platform, guaranteeing superior outcomes and a hassle-free experience.
AiDOOS stands apart from traditional outsourcing in several ways. Outsourcing often involves lengthy partner identification processes and limited talent pools within vendors. Vendor switching can also be costly. AiDOOS, on the other hand, operates with a Borderless Future of Work model. This approach saves valuable time and resources, provides cost-effective solutions, and offers access to an extensive pool of unlimited talent. The flexibility and efficiency of the AiDOOS model distinguish it from conventional outsourcing practices.
Traditional models often involve substantial overhead costs, leading customers to bear expenses for non-value-added work. AiDOOS offers a different approach: customers are billed solely for outcomes achieved, resulting in potential savings of up to 50% or more on operational costs. This innovative approach eliminates unnecessary expenses and optimizes resource utilization for enterprises.
AiDOOS platform incorporates a sophisticated recommendation engine in this process. By categorizing talent and teams based on skills, expertise levels, work history, and other factors, the platform ensures a comprehensive talent pool. When a project is introduced, the recommendation engine comes into play, precisely identifying the optimal teams or individuals that align with the project's unique requirements, including technology, skills, and domain expertise. This integration of a recommendation engine ensures that the selection process is not only accurate but also efficient, contributing to the successful execution of projects.
The AiDOOS platform employs a multifaceted approach to guarantee delivery and address potential risks. The project management dashboard offers transparent tracking of project progress, accessible to all relevant parties. In situations where intervention is necessary, the platform has mechanisms in place to reassign tasks to different teams, ensuring seamless progression. This robust system is designed to maintain consistent delivery, except in rare and exceptional scenarios, which are promptly communicated to organizations. By combining transparency, adaptability, and proactive risk management, AiDOOS ensures a dependable and successful project execution process.
AiDOOS offers a dedicated Project Room within the Team Channel on the platform, fostering effective engagement. This virtual space serves as a hub for interaction among the AiDOOS Delivery Manager, Assigned Team and You. This collaborative environment ensures consistent communication, close collaboration, and a shared focus on achieving smooth project delivery and successful communication outcomes.
Our model encompasses both "Project as a Service" and "Talent as a Service" options. Under the "Talent as a Service" approach, we identify and assign talent based on contracts for specific durations, catering to your requirements and project needs. This flexible model allows you to access expertise on a contractual basis rather than committing to a full-time engagement.
Absolutely. AiDOOS takes data security seriously. We employ industry-standard encryption and security measures to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.
Payments for projects are processed securely through the platform. Once a milestone is completed and approved by you, the invoice is raised and you can make payment on the platform.
AiDOOS maintains a robust quality assurance process. If you encounter any issues with the delivered work, you can raise a concern through the platform, and our support team will work with you to resolve it.
Yes, AiDOOS offers integrations with various industry-standard tools, such as Jira, TFS, and ServiceNow. This allows you to seamlessly align your current processes with the platform.
There's no minimum commitment. You can utilize AiDOOS for both short-term and long-term projects, adapting to your organization's needs.
AiDOOS provides a Project Dashboard that transparently tracks the progress of each project, allowing you to monitor its status, milestones, and outcomes.
Throughout the project, you'll have access to a dedicated AiDOOS Delivery Manager who can assist with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.
Yes, AiDOOS allows customers to provide feedback and reviews for experts or teams. This helps build a track record of expertise and aids future decision-making.