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Front-End Architect
Design and implementation of application integration with corporate IAM services for authentication and authorization purposes.

Design and development of software components and building blocks in modern Web 2.0 front end frameworks

Skills Angular Bitbucket
Experience 13-15
Duration 12 months
Pay $7000.00/month
Director, Product Management
Communicate product strategy, priorities, and roadmaps to all stakeholders, aligning on outcomes and using metrics to monitor our success and adjust along the way.

Lead improving team and cross-functional processes

Skills Communication Strategy
Experience 8-10
Duration 12 months
Pay $6000.00/month
Senior Front End Engineer
You will have complete autonomy and ownership of what you build and are involved right from the start in the architecture and design process.

You should be self-aware, have strong interpersonal skills, enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment, and have a strong interest in experimenting with new technologies.

Skills JavaScript TypeScript
Experience 7-10
Duration 12 months
Pay $5000.00/month
Senior Back- end Developer, Ruby
The ideal candidate will thrive in a dynamic environment and have experience with building dynamic pricing systems/marketplaces

Strong commitment to metrics driven product development, with a disciplined and analytical approach to problem solving

Skills Node.js NodeJS
Experience 8-13
Duration 12 months
Pay $8000.00/month
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