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Redeem for 91Springboard Coworking space.

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 120.00
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Redeem for Wework Coworking space

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 150.00
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Redeem for Udemy monthly subscription

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 30.00
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Redeem for Nomad Insurance

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 45.00
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Redeem your tokens for Airbnb stays

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 50.00
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Amazon Voucher

Redeem your tokens for Amazon vouchers

AiDOOS Token Price
AID 50.00

A Gig Platform like Never Before!

We are soon bringing the following benefits that you will be entitled to based on your contributions to the platform:

🔹Platform Shares / Tokens
🔹Coworking Space Membership
🔹MOOC (Udemy, edX, etc.) Subscription
🔹Travel Incentives
🔹Health Insurance
🔹Life Insurance

... and many more!

AiDOOS Benefits Image

How Can You Earn the Above?

  • Pick up tasks, contract gigs, and earn customer trust.
  • Be active on the platform, participate in discussions, hackathons, events.
    • Collaborate with other members.
    • Contribute to open-source projects.
  • Build a strong team, showcase your work.
  • Build and sell products on the platform.
  • Provide referrals for other products.

Earn even more benefits by:

  • Completing milestone projects.
  • Contributing to the community through blog posts or tutorials.
  • Participating in platform challenges and competitions.