Our philosophy

Right person for the job

We strongly believe that the right person for a job can provide a quick and quality turnaround, irrespective of geography.

Leveraging technology, we connect the right talent with the right job from anywhere in the world. To help us achieve this goal, we have an extensive screening process.

By platforming the services and assigning the right person for the job, AiDOOS removes non-value add layers and provides great savings.


AiDOOS team is boundless, borderless global talent. This team can work from anywhere, any task, any technology.


Our process

Expert teams

After thorough scrutiny, AiDOOS onboards Subject Matter Experts of all the technology areas who can solve enterprises' global problems. These SMEs form niche teams around specific technology areas.

Taskifying the work

AiDOOS enables enterprises to overcome the need of having large teams, multiple vendor partners as it is expensive and time-consuming process. Enterprises push their tasks in a fully automated way, and AiDOOS distributes them among expert teams around the globe.

Connected platform

AiDOOS enables SMEs to securely connect to the customer environment and deliver the tasks. AiDOOS has built-in monitoring, status reporting and risk coverage to ensure on-time and quality delivery.

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