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Creative copywriter for an Explainer/Promo video
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: video

Do you have experience with explainer/marketing video scripts? I am looking for a creative copywriter for a creative video. I have a document with a LOT of copy and information ready, the words simply need to be written differently, in a way that is more engaging for a marketing video. The video should be around 90s (should not exceed 120s). So the task is simple, you just need a creative touch and a way with words/storytelling. Please share with me a couple of explainer/promo video scripts you v worked on, let me know how much would you charge, and if you are available? 1st draft should be ready Monday/Tuesday (Feb 13-14) if possible. Revisions are to be expected, nothing unreasonable :). Looking forward to working together! If all goes well, we will definitely work on more projects going forward!