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Commission Based Sales Rep
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: software

Hello everyone. I am super excited to share with you information about the position and if you are interested, then let me know and we can set up a meeting. Basically I am looking for someone who is experienced in sales. Whether that be, cold calling, cold emailing, or whatever method you prefer. I am looking for you to reach out to chiropractors in the U.S. and pitch them our software. Our software helps them run ads in 3 clicks and helps with various marketing efforts. It is a game changer in the space and we have a guarantee for the clinics: 30 day money back guarantee. And once they sign up we will take it from there and have a complete onboarding process to get them set up. The way you would get paid is, we would provide you with your own affiliate link that you can give to as many chiropractors as you want. Once they are on your link any purchase they make from the website will be directly credited to you and you get a 30% recurring commission on every sale you make. I want to emphasize that it is recurring every month and never ends until the chiropractor cancels the software. We charge $347 a month per clinic which is extremely cheap for what we are offering so it shouldn't be a hard sell. And your commission stacks up for each sale. So if you got 10 chiropractors to buy our software, you would be receiving $1000 every month, until they stop canceling their subscription which is usually months or years. Which means it is infinitely scalable. And this is all tracked in our dashboard where you are paid at the end of every month. Obviously we would have a contract in place too. For more information about us, here is a link to my website: So let me know if you are interested and we can hop on a zoom call to talk further and discuss the position more. Thanks.