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"Ctrader Trend Reversal Indicator"
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Body Size, Buy Signals, C, Calculations, Candle Size, Ctrader Indicator Development, Overbought Conditions, Oversold Conditions, Sell Signals, Trend Reversals

The employer is looking for a Ctrader Indicator Developer who can create an indicator that identifies trend reversals, shows overbought and oversold conditions, and generates buy and sell signals. The specific calculations required include displaying the size of the current candle and body based on a formula and showing it on a new line on the indicator. The candidate should have proficiency in Ctrader Indicator development and should be able to execute the employer's vision. The job posting is open for remote work, and the payment will be made on delivery. Three freelancers have placed their bids on the project, with the average bid being €38.