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Data Visualization / SQL expert
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Dashboard

The primary objective is to retrieve data from the GCP datalake stored in Google Cloud Storage (GCS) in JSON formats, utilizing tailored queries for KPIs. Subsequently, the aim is to present this extracted data efficiently in a dashboarding tool while emphasizing optimization in terms of time, space, and cost.

Responsibilities: -Comprehending the datalake schema is a key task. -Constructing dashboarding tiles to represent KPIs is a primary duty. -Optimizing processes with a focus on time, space, and cost efficiency is a crucial aspect of the role.

Prerequisites: -Proficiency in Python is essential. -Strong knowledge and practical experience with GCP (AWS familiarity is acceptable). -Familiarity with either GCP's Datalakes external temporary tables or AWS Athena concepts is required. -Substantial experience in SQL, particularly in the context of metric dashboarding, is a prerequisite. Time to complete the project: 6 days (part-time)