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Internship: Editable HTML Resume
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Problem Statement:

Create an editable HTML Resume. Users can upload a resume using Word or PDF, which is automatically converted to an HTML Resume that is editable. Users should be able to stop sharing their resumes in Word or PDF but share their HTML Resume with others. Additionally, offering multiple templates to choose from is a great addition.

Key Elements:

File Upload and Conversion: Allow users to upload their resumes in Word or PDF formats. Automatically convert the uploaded documents to HTML format.

HTML Resume Editing: Provide an editable HTML resume format. Implement a user-friendly HTML editor for resume customization.

Multiple Templates (Optional): Offer a selection of pre-designed resume templates that users can choose from. Ensure that these templates have a consistent HTML structure.

Front-end and Back-end Development: Develop a user-friendly front-end interface for resume management and editing. Create a back-end server to handle file conversions, user data, and template management.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensure that the conversion process is accurate and the HTML resumes are cross-browser compatible. Thoroughly test all features of the application.

Expected Outcome:

The expected outcome of this project is a web-based application that accomplishes the following: Users can upload their resumes in Word or PDF format. The uploaded documents are automatically converted to editable HTML resumes. Users can edit and customize their HTML resumes using a user-friendly HTML editor. The platform provides a secure and convenient way to manage multiple versions of resumes. The application is user-friendly and accessible to a broad audience.

Technologies Used:

To achieve these outcomes, the following technologies may be used:

Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and possibly a front-end framework like React or Angular for the user interface.

Back-end Technologies: A server-side framework or platform (e.g., Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails) for handling file conversions, user management, and database operations. Document Conversion Libraries or APIs for converting Word and PDF files to HTML.

Database: To store user profiles, resume versions, and template information.

Deployment Platforms: Cloud services like AWS, Azure, or Heroku for hosting the application. HTML Editing Tools: Libraries or WYSIWYG editors for enabling users to edit HTML resumes.