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Graphic Designer / Marketer / Copywriter expert! You know how to do it all!
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: social

What we are looking for: An experienced marketer to help us launch our product for April! Someone who is skilled in marketing, graphic design and copywriting. What we do: We are a leading ownership Platform that allows anyone to own fractional shares of high-value, investment grade, blue chip collectibles. (Go look up our main competitor for you to understand better what we are trying to do We have a gallery in New York City, where we will display some of our assets (Fine Arts, Collectibles etc..) so that our audience will be able to see the assets in which they have invested. An event will be held in the gallery to launch our product. What needs to be done for the launch: • Branding: coming up with a name and designing a logo for the Platform and for the Gallery • Marketing brochures: We need 2 Brochures that explain what we do. One for our audience, the other one for our investors. Creating visual and writing content for it. (Brochures will be displayed in the Gallery) • Social Media: Building our social media presence. • Website: a landing page for our Gallery (explains what we do). We need someone who can design it and also write the content for it. • Email Marketing: design and write the content of our first newsletter. Design and write the email and printed invitations for the event we will organize in the gallery to launch our product. • Press releases to announce launch. What we are looking for long term: (after we launched) Content management: • Constantly updating our website as we growth • Maintain our social media accounts (create content) for the purpose of brand building, and industry awareness. • Creating content for our monthly newsletter • Press releases to announce events, campaigns Required Experience: • Expertise with design tools such as Canva, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign, After Effects and Figma, etc. • Working knowledge of Web & Interactive Design technologies including UX, HTML, CSS, Flash, wireframes, etc. • Typography knowledge • Multimedia content development • Analytical, problem solver, creative thinker, and self-starter. • Highly detailed and deadline oriented. • Excellent interpersonal skills. • Creativity and originality • Fluency of ideas