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Lead Designer for SaaS Products
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Customer feedback, Dashboard Interfaces, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Project Management Ui Elements, Prototyping, User Research, Visual Design, Wireframing

The Lead Designer position at Luna offers an exciting opportunity to develop designs that will make a significant impact on clients' experience with the company's services. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing new components and features such as dashboard interfaces and project management tools to enhance the value that Luna provides to its customers. The Lead Designer will also iterate on existing designs based on user research and customer feedback, prototyping and wireframing new features and tools. This role requires an experienced designer with a background in dashboarding and reporting solutions for SaaS products. The Lead Designer will need to be proficient with information architecture, interaction design, and visual design, as well as common design and prototyping tools like Figma. The ideal candidate will have expertise in designing for business-to-business software as a service (Saas) applications and strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. The Lead Designer will lead the full scope of design at Luna, conducting user research and usability testing to inform design decisions and translating business requirements into effective and easy-to-use visual designs. Collaboration with product and engineering teams is a key requirement, ensuring the successful implementation and optimization of designs. Furthermore, the Lead Designer will have the autonomy to continuously improve and optimize existing designs. This role offers a flat monthly rate of up to $3,500. Luna is a rapidly growing start-up, and this position requires an independent, self-motivated individual who can work well in a fast-paced startup environment. Overall, the Lead Designer will have a significant responsibility to create designs that are both impactful and easy-to-use, ensuring that Luna's services continue to meet and exceed the needs of its clients.