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Looking for senior UI/UX designer to build a CMS for restaurants
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Figma, UI/UX Prototyping

We are looking for a senior web designer with fulltime availability to play a central role in our new project.

What is the project about?

- We are building a new CMS (like Wordpress, or Shopify, but much much simpler) to help specific businesses build a simple website

- Our initial focus will be on helping restaurants to build simple, multi-language websites that have all the functionalities that they require, out of the box

- The CMS will allow them to easily build a homepage, about us, contact page, and text pages, but also specific restaurant functionalities such as menu pages, reservations, display tripadvisor/google reviews etc.

- The website they get will be standardized but will allow for some basic customizations (colors, fonts, logo, photos, text)

What will you be building?

Our current focus is on building a demo for what all of this will look like. This means that we will require the following:

1.) The 'standard' design for what the default restaurant website will look like, with a couple of basic pages. We might make a couple of versions.

2.) The dashboard/admin where restaurant owners (our customers) will be able to edit their websites easily (just like the Wordpress admin, but much simpler

3.) Our own website, which is a simple SaaS business type of website where we will show details (videos/screenshots) of how the CMS work,

talk about our business and share pricing details What are we looking for in this role?

- You are experienced in UX/UI design

- You are available full time

- You adhere to best design practices

- You work with Figam

- You like to think along with us about the project (for example what functionalities to add and what the dashboard will look like)

- You are flexible and can adapt to changes in focus that might happen (we might suddenly decide to add or remove functionality or even decide to switch from restaurants to another target customer)