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Project manager for a music marketing startup company
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: customer, operations

Job Classification: Full-time This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of a very rapidly growing marketing company. About Us: We are a music marketing company, that helps independent musicians to grow theirs fanbase. We are a rapidly growing business. About You: Mindset: You are eager to learn and take responsibility, have no fear to go the extra mile, working long hours, and weekends, when needed. Are available to dedicate 100% of your effort to grow the business. Doer and Thinker: There will be times when you have to think and plan and other times you have to execute them. You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty when needed. Experience: You have a background in a management position, as well as some experience in marketing and digital advertisement. The candidate will learn all the processes of the business and find the problems, solve them (or propose the solutions) and optimise. All the processes are laid out perfectly on google sheets in the form of workflows and checklists. The main duties are as follows: Work along with other departments when needed. Maintenance part - Operations Managements: Make sure all the operations are running fine, and there are no delays in any deliveries. Growth part - Driving business growth: Look for new ways to increase the customer LTV as well as new products/services we can sell. Weekly reporting and KPI tracking- Reporting with the management: Weekly calls with all the employees, create a weekly report, and send a quick daily recap on where you are at with the plans laid out during the monthly planning. And when necessary: Training/assisting employees Complimentary knowledge: Shopify platform, Music business (not 100% necessary, but appreciated), Clickup Soft skills: The soft skills which will facilitate every part of the job are: Problem-solving Assertiveness (Be a Leader) Can-do attitude Conflict management (with clients) Take initiatives Keep in mind the big picture The business hours are 8-13 and 15-18 CET, mon-sat. Compensation: The compensation is a % of the net profit of the business, we did 650,000 USD of gross profit last year. If you are interested in this, please reply to the questions to be considered. Avoid any template and generic answers, the more specific you are the better it is. Tell me about your experience in managing people/business. 1.Tell us about your experience in advertisement/marketing. 2. Why did this job description appeal to you? 3. What are you most passionate about, and how can you translate that passion into this position? 4. Describe your management style. How do you work best with direct reports? 5. What’s your favorite and least favorite part about managing people? 6. Tell me about a time you had to deliver negative feedback. How did you approach the situation? 7. Are you ready to work exclusively for us? (In case you have other gigs/jobs, you will be allowed some time to phase out) After your proposal submission, we will have a couple of calls before moving forward with our final decision. Greetings.