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Podcast Host - US Healthcare
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Podcast

Job Description: We are looking for a dynamic and engaging Podcast Host to take the lead in producing and hosting our podcast, "Digital Health Transformers." As the host, you will conduct interviews and create compelling content that resonates with our audience. You will play a vital role in shaping the podcast's direction and establishing it as a valuable resource in the digital health space.

NOTE: You need to be available for 4 hour per day .

Key Responsibilities: 1. Hosting Duties: Conduct engaging and insightful interviews with digital health experts, innovators, and thought leaders. Facilitate discussions on various topics related to digital health and businesses functioning in digital health. Maintain a professional and welcoming on-air presence.

2. Content Development: Collaborate with OSP's content team to brainstorm and develop podcast episode ideas. Offer ideation and suggestions to better the podcast scripts.

3. Audience Engagement: Interact with the podcast's audience through social media and other channels. Encourage listener feedback and engagement.

4. Guest Coordination: Identify and invite relevant guests to the podcast. Schedule and coordinate interviews with guests.

Qualifications: A strong passion for digital health and a deep understanding of the industry. Excellent interviewing and communication skills. Experience in podcast hosting or related broadcasting roles is a plus. Proficient in podcast recording and editing software. Strong research skills and ability to stay updated on industry trends. Creativity and the ability to tell compelling stories. Exceptional organizational and time-management skills. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.