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Virtual Assistant Marketing
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: history, project, social

Hello, we're looking for a virtual assistant with marketing experience to help coordinate and work on marketing projects. Typical projects include: - Building Websites (Wordpress / Elementor) - Content Writing (Using AI Tools especially) - Email Marketing - Social Media Management - Graphic Design - Basic SEO - Direct Mail - Project Management - Other general marketing tasks You don't need to be an expert in all of the above areas, but you should have a basic understanding of each and how they work together. The ideal candidates strongest skills should be around website creation, content and project management. You'll help coordinate the work of specialist freelancers as necessary. Working hours are flexible, but you should have some time overlap with GMT-5:00 (US EST) time zone. Expect 20 hours a week initially, but increasing as you are successful. Communication will be through Slack with daily status updates, and twice weekly coordination calls via Zoom. Work will be managed through tools like Asana, Notion, etc. For consideration, please: 1. Describe your skills, past work history, etc. Also please give a portfolio link if you have one. 2. Tell us about your organization skills. How do you stay organized? What tools do you like to use? Thanks for interest! We look forward to reviewing your proposal!