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Google Ads Specialist (PPC) & Facebook Ads Media Buyer
Budget: $TBD


Hey there! We're an agency specializing in Google Ads, & Facebook Ads You'll have ongoing work with us to work on clients that request Google Ad management services as well as facebook ads/retargeting. **THIS IS NOT A CLIENT FACING ROLE, ONLY EXECUTING** There won't be a set number of hours per week because it depends on how YOU like to work. YOUR TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Analyze their current AdWords campaigns if they were running any and make suggestions for improvement 2) Create an AdWords strategy and talk with the Account Manager so we can propose to client 3) After approval of strategy with client, push the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, etc... all live 4) Set up A/B testing 5) Each week, send over optimizations you have made or are going to make to the campaign 6) Integrate Facebook Pixel into their website and set up A/B testing similar to the PPC campaigns. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Provide at least 1 case study from a previous AdWords campaign you have ran in the past 2) Preferably have your AdWords certification in search ads 3) Prefer someone that knows how to do both PPC and Facebook Ads, whether you are a freelancer or an agency 4) Must speak good English **WE ARE WILLING TO PAY HIGH HOURLY RATES BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE IF YOU HAVE A GOOD PROVEN TRACK RECORD** Put "IT Services" at the top of the proposal so I know you read this job description