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Tech Lead Opportunity for Innovation
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Computer science, Engineering, Industry Trends

This job opportunity is for a Tech Lead position with a NASDAQ-listed company that has made a significant impact on the technology and social landscape through its range of social media platforms. The selected candidate will be responsible for enhancing current operations, identifying the project's needs, and creating teamwork schedules. They will also determine hazards and create backup strategies, stay informed with changes and trends in the industry, encourage employees, and provide progress reports. The candidate must have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant experience, with 7+ years of relevant experience as a Tech Lead. They must also have extensive experience working with Python, JavaScript, and Data Analysis and Data Science. Excellent English communication skills (written and spoken) are mandatory. Turing offers a flexible work environment, global exposure, and a chance for career growth. Existing Turing developers from Kosovo, Colombia, Nigeria, Algeria, and Pakistan have enthusiastically recommended Turing and spoken about their rewarding experiences with the company. Based on their skills, career trajectory, and role, interested candidates can apply for Java, Angular, PHP, AWS, Python, React, React Native, Golang, GraphQL, Front-end, Data Scientist, DevOps, Back-End, Full-stack, Software Architect, Software Engineer, or Software Tech Lead positions.