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Translation QA from English-French-Canadian French
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: French, Language Translation

 We are currently seeking two skilled English-French-Canadian French translators to assist us in reviewing approximately 30 simple translation samples. The main objective is to verify the quality of these translations. While we aim for satisfactory results, perfection is not mandatory, and a constructive approach is encouraged. This initial revision task is expected to be completed within an hour. Considering potential future needs, estimations for reviewing 100 or 200 samples are also required.

As a translator for this project, your primary responsibility is to review and assess the quality of provided translation samples from English to French and Canadian French. The task involves approximately 30 samples initially, and successful candidates may be involved in up to 200 reviews in future batches. The focus is on ensuring accuracy and coherence, without requiring an overly critical assessment. Loom Video and detailed instructions will be provided for guidance.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Review and evaluate the accuracy and quality of English-French and English-Canadian French translations.
  2. Provide constructive feedback where necessary, with an emphasis on improving overall translation quality.
  3. Complete the initial task of reviewing 30 samples within the allotted time frame.
  4. Estimate the time required for reviewing 100 or 200 samples for potential future assignments.
  5. Communicate effectively with the project manager and follow provided instructions.


  1. Proficiency in English, French, and Canadian French, with a strong understanding of linguistic nuances.
  2. Prior experience in translation, with a focus on English-French language pairs.
  3. Ability to provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  4. Efficient time-management skills to meet the one-hour deadline for the initial 30 samples.
  5. Willingness to potentially undertake larger review tasks in the future (100 or 200 samples).
  6. Excellent communication skills to collaborate with the project manager.