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Facebook Ads Manager - Daily Ad Creation across Facebook and Instagram with copywriting
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: social, video

With guidance using a template, create and launch Facebook (and Instagram ads) using Ads Manager across 6 ad accounts. Approximately 20-30 ads to be created daily. All ad assets will be provided including images and video, landing page etc. The task is the manual building of the ads in ads manager and setting the ads live. Some copywriting will be needed, taking product titles and descriptions from the website pages and creating engaging social headlines and primary text relevant to the products/deals. Should have at least 6mths experience using Facebook Ads Manager: Should have experience creating the various ad formats such as carousel ads, collection ads, Instagram stories etc. and understand the nuance of using Ads Manager. Attention to detail and being happy with daily manual repetitive tasks is required to succeed. This role will exist for at least 6mths with opportunity to extend longer term. A love of travel is a bonus, with knowledge of popular travel destinations including Bali, Thailand, Maldives, Mexico, Dubai and more. Ads will be created for: