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Villa Khunkao - Thailand - Interior Design
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: Interior Design

Overview: A creative interior designer is sought for a villa project with completed architectural design. The ideal candidate should exhibit proficiency in modern tropical interior design, possess a strong portfolio in residential projects, excel in color scheme and spatial arrangement, and have knowledge of premium, sustainable materials. The project is based in Thailand, requiring familiarity with local suppliers.

Ideal Candidate Requirements:

  • Proficiency in modern tropical interior design.
  • Strong portfolio in residential projects.
  • Excellent color scheme and spatial arrangement skills.
  • Knowledge of premium, sustainable materials.
  • Familiarity with suppliers in Thailand.

Project Requirements:

  • Conceptualize a contemporary theme with warm earth tones.
  • Design layouts for various spaces, including living room, bedrooms, kitchen & dining, bathrooms, study room, and outside terrace.
  • Source furniture & decor accentuating the modern vibe.
  • Provide 3D renders for pre-approval of designs.
  • Implement eco-friendly solutions where possible.

Design Services Details:

  1. 3D Presentations, Technical Plans & Sourcing Services:
    • Interior design concept 3D visualizations for each area with options.
    • Reflected ceiling plan.
    • Socket & switch positions, electrical master plans.
    • Interior Elevations and plans for each room.
    • Technical drawings for custom units.
    • Concept wardrobes and kitchen designs.
    • Bathroom schedules, interior door schedules.
    • Material pattern layouts for finishes.
    • Selection of soft furnishings, curtains, blinds.
    • Sourcing document with a list of accessories & furniture.

Design Phases:

  1. Phase 1:

    • Clarify project brief and scope.
    • Provide style guides and mood boards.
    • Develop amended floor-plans and elevations.
    • 3D concept visuals with options.
  2. Phase 2:

    • Visuals of all areas for client review.
    • Apply changes and redesigns based on feedback.
    • Begin technical drawings for custom-made furniture.
  3. Phase 3:

    • Finalize technical drawings and plans.
    • Provide final 3D renders and material specifications.
    • Send approved designs to the Project management team and contractors for production.