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Social Media Content Creator and Manager for startup brand.
Budget: $TBD

Technologies: project, social, video

We are a Product company that helps startups and existing businesses build digital products (mobile and web based). We also often build brands for our clients - naming, logos, identities, language, etc.. We do this to get the business off the ground, but often times want to hire someone outside to help nurture the brand along via social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram for sure ...and maybe TikTok. We currently have a client who could use someone to create social media assets and posts and potentially respond to requests from social channels. This client and product is a new 'video based' storytelling/podcasting social media platform. We are currently building a native mobile app and they would like to continue trying to build an audience via social media (that matches the brand and tone already created) leading up to a product launch. This project is approximate 10 hours per month and will be roughly 3-6 months in length. Basic video editing and graphics capability (Adobe preferred) is required.