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AI Data Trainer (Finance)
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Budgeting, Data Analysis, Finance-related Fields, Financial Modeling, Investment Analysis, Javascript, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Teaching

Duration: 12

AI Data Trainer - Join the team that’s supporting the latest cutting-edge AI language models.

The Business Context: You already use AI in many ways—like deciding what products and services to order—and it may be most familiar to you as a chatbot, as an avatar-maker, or as a way to unlock your screen.

But here’s what AI may be able to help the world with: finding medical diagnoses, teaching you about scientific research, and calculating the complexities of any function.

But, like humans, algorithms are what they eat. They’re only as good as the rules they know and the data they’re trained on. We’re the team that helps model these behaviors.

The Role As an Advanced AI Data Trainer you will be working closely with a team of other trainers, within protocols developed by the world’s leading AI researchers— training the AI to read, write, summarize knowledge, and interpret meaning. Think of it like being a language arts teacher or a personal tutor for some of the world’s most influential technology.

The goal of this AI is to be a safe, accurate, widely knowledgeable, and beneficial conversation partner to the world for a wide variety of purposes. Your job is to train, evaluate, and test the AI’s conversation skills, continuously equipping it to fulfill that purpose.

Day in and day out, you will: Train the AI You’ll spend the bulk of your time generating examples of ideal conversations, acting as both the User and the AI for the AI to learn from, collecting sources helping it read large swaths of humanity’s documented knowledge and distinguish between what is presented as fact vs. context vs. patterns of behavior.

Evaluate the AI Our partner’s mission is to develop AI models that are safe, accurate, and beneficial to humanity. You will continuously evaluate the AI according to those criteria and our training methods.

For example, you will be discerning the accuracy of the facts that the AI is outputting, but also the accuracy with which they interpret them. Test the AI How is testing different from evaluation? As the project grows over time, you’ll spend time actively trying to “break” the AI by “forcing” mistakes and improving the way these AI models recover.

This is absolutely critical to its safety, accuracy, and use. You’ll document breaks and have the opportunity to recommend improvements to the training methods themselves to both our team and our client.

The Person This is a technology job that accommodates humanities people and relies more fully on your competencies than your formal experience––making it a rare opportunity that’s perfect for new grads, career transitioners, and those seeking an exciting encore career. You’re the sort of person who is exceptional at generating copy intuitively.

You’ve also got the metacognitive awareness to “show your work.” In addition, you’re the sort of person with a deep interest in linguistics. If you didn’t get a Ph.D., you probably wanted one. You instinctively document learnings and continuously refine methods.

You are a(n): Dedicated Grammarian Natural Writer Diligent Reader Observant Listener Self-Aware Interpreter Synthetic Sense-Maker Perpetual Learner Instinctive Educator Finance Skills Advanced degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field.

Extensive experience in finance-related fields including investment analysis, portfolio management, financial modeling, data analysis, financial forecasting, budgeting, auditing, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, and compliance.

Strong analytical skills with proficiency in quantitative methods and financial analysis tools. Excellent understanding of risk management principles and investment strategies.

Effective communication skills, with the ability to convey complex financial concepts to diverse stakeholders. Ability to understand macroeconomic trends and their impact on individual companies and portfolios.

AI Data Training Skills The ability to understand, navigate, and respond within hypothetical or abstract scenarios, applying logical reasoning and conceptual understanding to situations that are not grounded in concrete experience or data.

The ability to match pieces of information or text to their relevant context, ensuring that the content is appropriate and accurately aligned with the given scenario or background.

The ability to rephrase or reword a description to enhance clarity, readability, or appeal, while preserving the original meaning.

The ability to assess the potential effects of a specific action, event, or decision of one entity (e.g. the 'Source Company') on another entity (e.g. the 'Impacted Company'), used to understand and forecast how changes in the former may influence the operations, market position, or financial health of the latter.

The ability to structure and present data or analysis findings in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, which is a lightweight data-interchange format that's easy for humans to read and write, and easy for machines to parse and generate.

The ability to assess whether a piece of information, a statement, or a document is relevant to a specific topic, question, or context, often used in information retrieval and fact-checking.

The ability to rephrase or rewrite content while maintaining its original intent, improving clarity, or adapting the style for a different audience or purpose.

The ability to determine the emotional tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions, and emotions expressed within an excerpt.

The ability to generate brief, concise labels or titles that accurately and effectively encapsulate the essence or main theme of a topic or content piece.

The ability to condense text while preserving key information and without introducing inaccurate statements.

The ability to generate an introductory segment or overview for a given topic, which provides a clear and concise presentation of the subject matter to engage and inform the reader. Compensation & Career Compensation

This is an entry-level role perfect for voracious readers early in their careers, or for career switchers keen to enter the technology field.

Life & Career Ideally you are available between EST or PST time zones.

The work is steady, the hours are flexible, the work is enjoyable, and leaves room for advancement into more senior training roles and project management roles on the Invisible team as the project expands.