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Android Engineer
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Android, Dagger 2, Exoplayer, Git, Java, Mobile Memory Management, Mobile Video Playback, Mvvm, Remote Work Experience, Retrofit

Duration: 12

We consistently top the charts as one of if not the most used Sports Betting website in the countries we operate in. 

With millions of weekly active users, we strive to be the best in industry for our users.

As an Android Engineer at Sporty you’ll be responsible for applying the latest and greatest technologies and frameworks to ensure a smooth user experience for a massive user base.


Our Stack

Languages: Java / Kotlin

Architecture: MVVM

Network: Retrofit, Okhttp, Protocol buffers

Dependency Injection: Dagger 2

CI/CD: Jenkins

Other: Android JetPack, Glide, Git, ExoPlayer



Collaborate with Product Managers, Designers and Backend Engineers to design and deliver high-quality products on Android

Build end-to-end features of the app: networking, persistence, business logic, and UI

Build efficient and reusable mobile components and architect reliable, performant, and scalable mobile solutions

Identify areas of improvement and advocate for mobile best practices

Analyze and optimize UI and infrastructure application code for quality, efficiency, and performance

Mentoring less experienced team members



3+ years of application development experience in Android

Proficiency with Java, Kotlin and the Android development ecosystem

Enjoy working on mobile apps at all levels – from networking up to user interfaces and everything in between

Understand and have experience making decisions about mobile application architecture, including data modeling, networking and data synchronization and concurrency

Experience building maintainable and testable code bases, including API design and unit testing techniques

Experience with multithreading programming and mobile memory management

Good communication and collaboration skills to be able to work in a fast paced and distributed environment

Previous history of working with a remote, distributed team would be beneficial


Bonus Requirement

Experience with mobile video playback and streaming technologies