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Business Analyst
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Ab testing, Analytics, Bi tools, Business Analyst, Communication, Data Analyst, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, Predictive analysis, Tableau

Duration: 12

The Business Analyst position offers an exciting opportunity for those with a strong background in quantitative analytics to apply their skills to manipulate and manage data.

The successful candidate will be responsible for using analytics and BI tools such as Tableau and Mixpanel to analyze customer behavior and identify trends and patterns to inform decision-making and optimize strategies.

A burning desire to solve business problems and a University Degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or any degree with exceptional ability in quantitative analytics are required.

The position includes work typically performed by Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Consultants, and Management Consultants.

The company offers hands-on experience in statistical analysis, AB Testing, identifying complex data patterns, and advanced communication skills and tools.

The position is fully remote, and the company culture encourages constant experimentation, a strong bias for moving fast, and an obsession for mapping every detail.