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Data Infrastructure Engineer
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Devops, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Linux Systems Administration, NoSQL, Package management, Python, Search And Analytics Engines, Software Engineering

Duration: 12

Canonical is building a comprehensive automation suite to provide multi-cloud and on-premise data solutions for the enterprise. The data platform team is a collaborative team that develops a full range of data stores and data technologies, spanning from big data, through NoSQL,  cache-layer capabilities, and analytics; all the way to structured SQL engines. 

The OpenSearch team is, among other things, focused on creating the best enterprise automation solution for search and analytics suites like OpenSearch and Elasticsearch.

We have a number of openings we are looking to hire across a range of levels.  We will help you identify a suitable position depending on your experience and interests. Engineers who thrive at Canonical are mindful of open-source community dynamics and equally aware of the needs of large, innovative organisations.

Location: This is a Globally remote role

What your day will look like

The OpenSearch team is responsible for the automation of OpenSearch operations. This includes ensuring fault-tolerant replication, TLS, installation, and much more; but also provides domain-specific expertise on the actual data system to other teams within Canonical.  This role is focused on the creation and automation of features of data platforms, not analysing the data in them.

  • Collaborate proactively with an internationally distributed team

  • Write high-quality, idiomatic Python code to create new features

  • Debug issues and interact with upstream communities publicly

  • Work with helpful and talented engineers including experts in a diverse set of fields

  • Work from home with global travel for 2 to 4 weeks per year for internal and external events

What we are looking for in you

  • Proven hands-on experience in software development using Python

  • Proven hands-on experience in distributed systems development

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent in Computer Science, STEM, or a similar degree

  • Willingness to travel up to 4 times a year for internal events

Additional skills that you might also bring

You might also bring a subset of experience from the following, which will determine the exact role and level we consider you for:

  • Experience operating and managing search and analytics engines like Elasticsearch, Logstash, KIbana, and OpenSearch

  • Experience with Linux systems administration, package management, and operations

  • Experience with the public cloud or a private cloud solution like OpenStack

  • Experience with operating Kubernetes clusters and a belief that it can be used for serious persistent data services