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Developer Relations Engineer
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Developer Advocacy, Devops, IOT, Linux, Linux Software Packaging, Open-source software, Ops And System Administration, Product Management, Social Media

Duration: 12

As the publisher of Ubuntu we serve millions of developers, building for the cloud, IoT and data science. We aim to make open source easier and more reliable for innovators and enterprises.

We have created a new Developer Relations team to engage directly with open source communities and developer-centric organisations. We hope both to communicate our vision and products for better open source development experiences, and also to have a better feedback loop from those audiences to shape our offerings and priorities.

A Developer Relations Engineer is a technical expert, strategist and communicator with deep empathy for developers. This discipline combines practical engineering skills with firm diplomacy across organisational boundaries, in both directions. Like our audience, a Developer Relations Engineer is never satisfied with the status quo, and is driven by an insatiable curiosity to find better ways to get things done. They are problem-solvers and inventors, who understand people's needs and love the way that tools can be adapted to meet them. They stay current with tech trends and provide insights and guidance while fostering innovation.

Location: we are building our initial DevRel team in Europe, Middle East, African and American time zones

What your day will look like

  • Contribute to product management team meetings

  • Maintain conversations with developer community members

  • Engage on IRC, social media, product forums, meet-ups and more

  • Collaborate across Canonical teams

  • Solve specific technical problems that users or colleagues have identified

  • Contribute to technical documentation

  • Work on technical articles, presentations or workshops 

  • Identify new opportunities in developer experience

  • Present at conferences, meetups or technical events

What we are looking for in you

  • An exceptional academic track record from both high school and university

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or STEM, or a compelling narrative about your alternative path

  • Drive and a track record of going above-and-beyond expectations

  • Developer with a demonstrable engagement in open-source software

  • Well-organised, self-starting and able to deliver to schedule

  • Professional manner interacting with colleagues, partners, and community

  • Experience of Linux software packaging (deb, rpm or snap)

  • Contributor to open-source communities, software and documentation

  • An engaging, vivacious speaker and presenter

  • Effective, tactful, empathetic and confident

  • Builds trust, relationships and confidence

  • Result-oriented, with a personal drive to meet commitments 

  • Ability to travel twice a year, for company events up to two weeks each

  • Ability to travel in addition to upstream and industry events

Additional skills that you might also bring

  • Experience in a developer advocacy or community role

  • Ops and system administration experience

  • Performance engineering and security experience