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Global Compliance Specialist
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Blockchain, Business Operations, Communication, Compliance, Cryptocurrencies, Geofencing, Leadership, Problem-solving, Regulatory, Web3

Duration: 12

Seeking a Compliance Sanctions Systems and Controls Specialist to design and monitor IP geofencing systems controls that adhere to global sanctions regulations.

The successful candidate will stay current with evolving global sanctions regulations, collaborate with various business lines to understand IP geofencing needs, and regularly assess the effectiveness of IP geofencing systems.

They will develop, enforce, and update protocols and best practices for IP geofencing controls and coordinate with legal, risk, product, and operations departments to address compliance issues.

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's degree in law, finance, business administration, or a related field, 5-7 years of experience in compliance roles with a strong focus on sanctions and geofencing practices, and familiarity with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.