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Lead Engineer for Ubuntu Linux
Budget: $8000.00

Technologies: Architecture, Bash Scripting, C Programming language, Devops, Git Version Control System, IOT, Kernel Patching, Linux, Python, Rtos

Duration: 12

Ubuntu Linux, already the most popular Linux distribution in the world, is currently in the midst of an unprecedented surge in demand. To meet this need the Canonical Kernel Team - those responsible for the build, maintenance, and distribution of the Linux kernel for Ubuntu - are looking for individuals with not only an incredibly deep technical background in operating system kernels and distributions, but also a strong flair for leadership and taking initiative to drive ideas and the associated delivery teams to completion.

The Canonical Kernel Team is seeking exceptionally talented technology experts and industry veterans with a proven track record to take the lead in the architecture, implementation, and ongoing delivery of the following (but not limited to) aspects of kernel engineering:

  • Driving engagements for key Silicon and Cloud partners to provide optimal solutions for their platforms

  • Leading the mitigation of common vulnerabilities and exposures for Ubuntu Linux as well as driving active hardening in the kernel

  • Architecting enhancements to performance and correctness to make Ubuntu Linux the most reliable and highest performing Linux kernel available today

  • Streamlining the packaging and distribution of particularly troublesome third-party components for optimal experience by end users

  • Developing new means to deliver Ubuntu Linux at scale to the strict quality standards and delivery schedules expected by end users

While not a formal managerial role, the successful candidate will possess strong people skills and natural ability to lead engineers within the team, as well as working with other external teams to coordinate adoption and delivery.

While we hesitate to put a specific number of years of experience as a requirement for an applicant as that does not take into account relative ability or circumstances, for a comparative guideline we would be seeking candidates with the demonstrated technical equivalent of 15+ years of industry experience.

Location: We have home-based lead kernel roles in every timezone, although the individual aspects as listed above may be linked to a specific geographic region.

What your day will look like

  • Set the technical direction and lead the delivery of a team of junior and mid-career engineers for a key aspect of Ubuntu Linux

  • Work closely with management within and outside the team to track and coordinate initiatives to delivery

  • Collaborate daily with other senior technical leadership on the Kernel Team on how best to ensure Ubuntu stays at the pinnacle of Linux distributions

What we are looking for in you

  • Well-organised and motivated self-starter able to thrive in a remote work environment

  • Strong communication skills in English, both written and verbal

  • Expert understanding of the C programming language

  • Demonstrated expertise working in a *nix-based operating system kernel and distribution. While direct Linux experience would be ideal, it is not mandatory.

  • Python and Bash scripting ability

  • Powerful grasp of the capabilities and nuances of the git version control system

  • Ability to travel internationally at least twice a year for company events of up to two weeks length

Additional skills that you might also bring

  • Strong background in RTOS and real-time performance analysis

  • Prior experience with Ubuntu/Debian/Snap packaging

  • Demonstrated experience with kernel patching and debugging

  • Strong grasp of device drivers, BSP’s, and other low level system engineering