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.NET Software Engineer
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: .NET 6+, C1 Level English, Cloud Native Development, Distributed Applications, Docker Containers, Github Workflows, Modern Technical Solutions

Duration: 12, the leading comparison platform in Switzerland, is in search of a highly skilled and experienced .NET Software Engineer to join their team. The successful candidate will work remotely and contribute to the design of modern technical solutions using .NET 6+ and .NET Framework. They will also be responsible for writing, reviewing, and improving .NET 6+ and .NET Framework code, as well as DevOps pipelines using GitHub workflows. Applicants should have experience in software development with .NET 6+, particularly in web development and distributed applications. They should also be familiar with cloud native development, Docker containers, and have a C1 Level of proficiency in English. Effective communication skills are essential, and candidates should possess a strong desire to build modern technical solutions. offers flexible working hours and considerable autonomy and creative freedom, as well as a skilled and motivated team to work with. If you meet the requirements and are interested in working with a top Swiss company, don't hesitate to apply today.